The Bremont Legacy

In less than two decades British watchmaker Bremont has become iconic in its own time. More

Time To Kill

A look at the latest chapter in Omega’s long-running collaboration with the James Bond films… More

Mind Your Mind, Hear Your Heart

One man’s personal account of his struggle with depression, the extraordinary way he overcame it and his advice on how to deal with mental illness – from the Spirit world – whether you want to believe it or not… More

The Bald Facts

Worried your hair is looking a little thinner? MAXIM chats to world-leading dermatologist, Professor Rod Sinclair, to discuss the facts about baldness and the revolutionary new pill that may put an end to hair loss forever… More

Longines: Through The Hourglass

From Albert Einstein to Charles Lindbergh, history remembers Longines. Now, with their latest Master Collection, find out why you should make the brand your first luxury watch… More

The Kings Of Custom

Artisans de Genève’s exquisitely rendered custom Rolexes are masterworks in their own right… More

Italian Iconoclast

How Giorgio Armani built an empire from the bottom up… More

Don’t Waste Your time In Iso

Maintaining your health and wellbeing has never been more important than right now, and oral health is no exception. If there’s one thing that REALLY turns a girl off, it’s bad oral hygiene! More

From Snail To Grail

How the Patek Philippe Nautilus became one of the most coveted watches in the world… More

Getting High… On Life

In the name of clinical science, MAXIM’s resident Clinical Nutritionist BROOKE BENSON CAMPBELL (BHSc Nut Med) delves into the world of plant-based adaptogens and discovers why everyone from professional athletes to Hollywood celebrities is jumping on the A-train to health and wellbeing… More

Minimalist Training

Resident MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY explains how you can get more gains in less time… More

Suits Me

When “custom-made” fails to impress, there is an alternative… More

Cutting Edge

Beautifully designed barbershops are giving men’s grooming a boost… More

The MAXIM Father’s Day Gift Guide

Whether you’re looking for a cool present for your Old Man or a little something to give your mate who just welcomed a tiny offspring, we have you covered with these great offerings for Dad’s Day… More

MB&F LM Split Escapement Blue

As buyers and collectors seek rare and aristocratic timepieces, horologists are responding with expectation-shattering designs… More

Franck Muller Vanguard Yachting Tourbillon 

As buyers and collectors seek rare and aristocratic timepieces, horologists are responding with expectation-shattering designs… More

Portion Distortion

New research from Jenny Craig, one of Australia’s largest weight loss companies, reveals Aussies are eating more than ever. Here’s why… More

Dutch Courage

The gin renaissance is in full swing. Here’s how to imbibe with style… Spring is the season of gin. So, while we hunker down in the wool sweater months with our favourite browns, keeping the soul toasty via a steady collection of Scotch, cognac and bourbon, when the sun finally returns it’s time to clear […] More

Obstacles to the Perfect Body

MAXIM’s resident Clinical Nutritionist, BROOKE BENSON CAMPBELL (BHSC Nut Med), takes a look at the handbrakes that may be keeping you from your ideal body and sabotaging your health goals… More

The Tastemaker

LVMH Chairman & CEO BERNARD ARNAULT is already the fourth richest man in the world. But the luxury goods king isn’t resting on his laurels… More

Dating App Depression

Is it a thing? Do you have it? If so, how can you avoid it? Wellness expert, lifestyle coach and bestselling author ANDI LEW investigates… More


If you’re a fan of “functional” movement then you can’t go past the deadlift. MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY explains how there’s nothing more practical than picking up heavy shit off the ground and moving it around… More

Art Of Gold

Bold, masculine timepieces attain a new level of covetability when they’re crafted from gold… More

$100 Million Addresses

What today’s billionaires want in an ultra-luxury estate… More

Genius is Only a Few Steps Away

MAXIM’s resident Clinical Nutritionist, BROOKE BENSON CAMPBELL (BHSC Nut Med), explains why exercise is the key to a healthy brain… More

Social Profiling

Does your dating app profile and actions make you look like you’re on the prowl or a potential partner for your princess? Wellness expert, lifestyle coach and bestselling author ANDI LEW investigates… More

Upgrade Your Work Performance

BROOKE BENSON CAMPBELL (BHSC Nut Med), is here with a few simple tips on utilising your brainpower to boost performance and productivity… More

New Ways to Date in 2019

Wellness expert, lifestyle coach and bestselling author ANDI LEW shares some tips on how you can have more love and connectedness in your life – with a healthy dose of flirt – in today’s society. You’re welcome… More

Is Sleep Really That Important?

Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath BROOKE BENSON CAMPBELL (BHSc) dives into the world of brain health to discover why improving your performance and wellbeing could be as simple as catching a few extra Z’s… We spend about one-third of our life either sleeping or attempting to do so. By the age of 90, we will have […] More

How to Pull

MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY shares some essential tips on how to pull. And she means chest to bar, not women. Although, it definitely won’t harm your chances when it comes to the latter… More

Financial Cheating

A new study has revealed the behaviours that indicate you’re a victim of “financial infidelity”. Here’s how to discover if your partner is doing so… More

How To Get A Grip

The stronger your hands are the more weight you can lift and the more muscle you can build. MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY shares some essential tips on grip training… More

Whisky World Tour

Unexpected drams and destination distilleries are pushing the definition of what makes whisky whisky… More

Hair Flair

With the release of their cool new range of men’s grooming products, JACK THE BARBER has your hair styling woes sorted… More


Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath BROOKE BENSON CAMPBELL (BHSc) presents 10 tips on achieving a stronger mind, healthier body and a better you in 2019… More

Online Dating: What Women Really Want

We are inundated with dating apps, and ‘sliding into DMs’ on Instagram, but it didn’t come with a book of rules, so bestselling author and modern day Cupid, ANDI LEW, wrote one! In it, you’ll learn being on #teamsingle ain’t so bad and hear about her four years of going under cover to research this timely tome. In this edited extract, she reveals what women, finding love on social media, really want… More

Life After Football

Legendary Australian Socceroo, and recent football retiree, TIM CAHILL reminisces about his illustrious career, talks up his new role as ambassador for Where Heroes Are Made, discusses how he wants to leave this world and whether he’s going to Heaven or Hell… More

The Reaper

As Kiwi-born Australian mixed martial artist, and current UFC middleweight champion, ROB WHITTAKER prepares to defend his title at UFC 234 in Melbourne this month, we get him geared up for the fight of his life… More

A Memoir of a Male Escort

In his tell-all biography, Australian male escort Ryan James takes readers behind the scenes of his provocative world of sex and lust – to discover how a twenty-something, clean-cut, blonde bloke from the suburbs ditched a career in finance to star in over 150 adult films and find success in the lucrative work of male escorting. This insider look at the sex industry explores all the myths and misconceptions surrounding it, as well as his personal journey… More

Shredding for the Holidays

MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY is more than qualified to tell you how to get your body looking damn fine on the beach this summer… More

Livin’ on the EDGE

MAXIM sex columnist VANESSA DE LARGIE tells you why now is the perfect time to give yourself that extra “edge” in the bedroom… More


As someone who is constantly challenged to arm wrestles in bars as opposed to being asked for her number, MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY is more than qualified to teach you how to say goodbye to puny arms for good… More

Six Ways To A Six-Pack

Celebrity Personal Trainer, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach and Founder of Creating Curves, ALEXA TOWERSEY, shares her fitness secrets on how to get those elusive rock-hard abs… More

The Birdman

Flyboard Air inventor FRANKY ZAPATA recently wowed the crowds at the Formula 1 2018 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix. We caught up with the Frenchman in Marina Bay to find out more about his gravity-defying inventon… More

Stuff of Legend

Leatherman, the legendary multi-tool  makers, and world-leading portable light experts from Ledlenser have done it again with these top quality essentials… More

Taking The Bull By The Horn

Looking for a stronger erection and an increased libido that’ll improve your sex life? This quality male genital moisturiser has the answers… More

10 Ways to be Mentally Stronger

We all want to be better. Better at our jobs, better lovers, happier overall… but it’s easier said than done thanks to how easily our emotions and willpower get swayed by everyday life. But if you learn how to avoid those pitfalls, your life will suddenly get a whole lot better. And so, with a little help from Entrepreneur, Psychology Today and a good bit of research by yours truly, here are 10 expert ways to be a mentally stronger person… More

Wild One

How PHILIPP PLEIN is transforming the idea of luxury with his irreverent designs… More

Port’s Revival

While fortified wine is now on your bartender’s ingredients list, it’s best enjoyed sipped on its own. Thankfully, there are plenty of good options… More

Nutrition Vision

PowerPlant Supplements’ Principal Director and Head of Research and Development JAMES READ tells us why they provide the world’s most trusted premium range of sports and health products with ground-breaking formulas leading the way in performance enhancement… More

Passion and Time

Watchmaker Richard Mille, who carved his first design from a bar of soap, draws inspiration from tennis greats and Formula 1 racers alike… More

The Ultimate Bottle

A new blend by Moët & Chandon is the truest expression of the house’s range…

Cyber Love

Cybersex, also known as virtual sex or cybering, is sexual arousal or orgasmic climax via computer technologies. Here are seven reasons why it’s “da bomb” and why you should participate regularly… More

Sunken Treasure

The Adriatic Sea’s turquoise waters provide the perfect conditions for aging Croatia’s acclaimed wines. Our correspondent goes diving for the best bottles… More

Cocaine & Surfing

In his latest tome ex-war correspondent and surfer CHAS SMITH takes readers on a wild ride in an outrageously honest expose of surfing culture and cocaine use… There is an allure about surfers — they look like clean, bronzed athletes who love nature and tread lightly on the earth. But there has always been a darker side to surf culture. More

Pocket Rocket

Leatherman Celebrates its 35th Anniversary with Revival of Original Pocket Survival Tool. In 1975, recent college graduate Tim Leatherman and his wife Chau set off on a roadtrip throughout Europe. Along the way, the unreliable car the newlyweds had purchased for $300 required multiple roadside fixes. Tim had the right know-how, but not the right tools to fix it. He returned home with an idea for a multi-tool to tackle life’s unexpected challenges. He asked his wife if she could support the family while he pursued his idea. More

The PE Solution

For many men premature ejaculation (PE) can be a serious problem, but what exactly do we mean by serious? Let’s assume your tendency to abandon ship too early is not caused by some medical condition, but you’re in the category where far too often the excitement is all too much for you. So, what causes this and more importantly how can it be addressed? Read on… More

The Leading Man

Former Home and Away star DAN EWING is gearing up for multiple upcoming big-screen appearances and it all starts this month with the release of the new alien invasion Aussie action film Occupation… More

How To Make It Happn

If your online dating game isn’t on point, ramp it up with the help of CLAIRE CERTAIN, Head of Global Trends at happn, who has put together a list of 10 profile types to watch, who are more popular and frequent than others, on the dating app… More

Time To Sobah Up

Sobah founder CLINTON SCHULTZ works as a health and organisational psychologist in the Aboriginal health sector and launched the Aboriginal food truck business, Clinto’s Kupmurri. He tells MAXIM about his non-alcoholic craft beer business, their inaugural involvement with Dry July and how going ‘dry’, short or long term, can help you and others… More

Suits Of The Southern Hemisphere

How P JOHNSON burst out of Australia to become the world’s next great custom suit maker… More

Land of Fire & Ice

With glaciers, volcanoes, the northern lights, and these days, five-star digs and a thriving food scene, what’s not to love about Iceland? More

Man Perfected

Welcome to the online store delivering the best in men’s luxury grooming products to all generations from Gen Z to the G.I. Gen and soon to Gen Alpha… More

Tennis In Paradise

As the legendary Rafael Nadal goes for his 11th French Open title this month, students are developing a killer backhand, in a five-star setting, at his signature tennis academy in his hometown of Mallorca, Spain… More

Always On. Always Prepared. Always On Time.

Leatherman expands its Wearable Multi-Tool Series with the long-awaited release of the essential TREAD Tempo Watch… More

Alexa Towersey: The Woman Behind Our Women

Celebrity Personal Trainer, Founder of Creating Curves and Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach Alexa Towersey shares her fitness secrets from training some of MAXIM’s finest cover girls… “The Woman Behind MAXIM Women” is probably the single most fitting title I’ve ever been given — both literally and figuratively. I’m the woman who has the coveted responsibility […] More

The Funny Side of Depression

Comedy and mental illness are an unusual combination but RHYS KNIGHT, the author of new fictional book titled Little White Helpers — which is attempting to show the humorous side of depression — says we need to move the discussion from being purely medical or pity based to something more useful… “When I was diagnosed […] More

Autumn Cocktails

Expand your cocktail horizons… More

The Negroni

Why bartenders around the world can’t stop experimenting on a classic… More

It’s Time For A Health Check

Safeguard your physical and mental health with this expert advice… More

The Evolution Of John Varvatos

Fashion’s music man took a rock & roll sensibility and created a singular menswear brand. Now he’s building a legacy… More

Detoxify Now

Leading medical doctor and detox expert, Dr SANDRA CABOT, reveals five top reasons why you should detoxify your rig now… More

Are You Budgie Smuggler Ready?

In summer, a six pack isn’t the only thing on show. Yep, we’re talking about down below. From bare legs to budgie smugglers, the beach can shrivel the bravest man’s body confidence. But this can now all change thanks to a new procedure by CALIBRE Clinic. Dr. Jayson Oates, (FRACS) explains… More

John Jarratt

The legendary Australian actor talks Stan Original Series Wolf Creek season two, and his return as the iconic murderous bushman Mick Taylor, plus all things fashion, as he suits up for his magnificent MAXIM makeover… More

Anthony Bourdain

Every tattoo tells a story and the television host, author, chef and famous vagabond has a lot of stories to tell… More

How To Achieve Your Perfect Hair & Beard

With the help of his mate, fitness guru Dan Conn, grooming expert and VSForMen Ambassador Aden Xydis tells us how to DIY your mane and stubble, maintain it and get it looking the way you want it to — at home, work or abroad… More

The MAXIM Review Crew – VSforMen Beard Designer

Looking for a decent trimmer to maintain that facial fuzz? Can’t find a grooming tool that’ll achieve the right length you want? Search no more! We asked four regular, discerning men to road test the cool new VSforMen Beard Designer… More

Fine Hair

Anytime is a great time for a change of image More

Rough and Ready

With women swooning over the hairy he-man type known as the “hipster”, it’s time for average guys to put down the waxing strip and seize the moment More

The Facial Terrain

Identify your facial terrain and it’ll make shaving a heap easier. More

Fashionable Necessities for Every Man’s Wardrobe

Fashionable Necessities for Every Man’s Wardrobe Whether in the office or on a casual weekend outing, how one is dressed goes a long way in how they are perceived. Choice of wardrobe affects not only how we look and feel, but also how others see us and what they think about us. Here are a […] More

Jon Hamm

Mad Men’s former leading man talks Don Draper, women, Australia, curse words and his latest big-screen wild-ride action thriller Baby Driver… More

Firass Dirani

Whether it’s playing a tough guy on Underbelly, an endearing dad on House Husbands or shooting it up with Mel Gibson in epic war flick Hacksaw Ridge, Australian actor Firass Dirani is as versatile as they come… More

Food Rules

These ideas will help you lose weight, boost muscle and give your immunity a severely-needed kick More

Manhood Matters

It might not be a regular topic of conversation but penis size matters. Moreover, sizing-up why it matters. We spoke with Dr. Jayson Oates, FRACS about a medical male enhancement procedure he has pioneered so that penis enlargement can be achieved without surgery More

Old Forester Bourbon Smash

Get involved with this Tequila and bourbon cocktail More

Agave ‘Tommy’s’ Margarita

Get involved with this Tequila and bourbon cocktail More

Dan Reardon

Professional Supercross and Motocross CDR Yamaha athlete, Dan Reardon, gets geared up to defend his national title More

Can Fashion Be Funny?

For better or worse, the San Francisco–based apparel upstart Betabrand brings some lulz to the art of dressing up

Bloody Maria

A perfect brunch-time cocktail that’s been the salvation to countless hangovers. The flavours of Patrón Silver Tequila and lemon juice dance nicely with the other rich ingredients, finishing off with a spicy kick to help get your mojo back in action. This is a versatile cocktail, so be creative with your juices and seasonings. Vary […] More

Before You Go Down On Her

This is the most important thing you’ll read all day More

10 Ways To Win Big Financially In 2017

Want to make a motza this year? Did we really just ask you this question? Nevertheless, self-made millionaire, Sasha Hopkins, from the A Team Pro, advises how to fatten up your bank account. More


Could the rediscovered surf mecca Nicaragua be this year’s top beach getaway? More

Spice & Fire

Heat up your cocktails with a Jack Daniel’s old no.7 Spiced mule or fire it up with the new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire More

She Got Game

The new generation of ‘jersey chasers’ is taking the game to social media — and levelling the playing field More


A Guide To Everyone’s Favourite Few Minutes More

Hot Tracks

Why building the perfect sex playlist can bring more than just beats to your bedroom More

The Superior Smoke

As WE celebrate our 50th edition, Padrón cigars celebrates its 50th year. Stogie scion Jorge Padrón reveals the company’s secrets: attention to detail, small scale, and enduring family values. More

Eleven Workwear

ELEVEN Workwear was established by a team of workwear experts with a philosophy of giving the Australian tradesman more at every opportunity. And their new urban-style range has delivered. Enduring heat, dust, glare, rain and the cold, this is also functional and fashionable gear that can be worn straight from the site to the street, […] More

Michael Clarke

Former Australian cricket captain turned author, ambassador, commentator and father, Michael Clarke, suits up for a big 2017 More

Michael Kors

Meet Michael Kors, the design-school dropout who defied the odds to create a billion-dollar fashion empire. Here’s how he did it More

Bruno Senna

We take on Monaco with former F1 and current formula e speedster, Brazilian Bruno Senna More

Jack and Jones

Jack & Jones was built on a vision to rethink Jeanswear and make it more accessible and affordable. And their latest range is all the evidence you need

Leon Bridges

TexaS crooner Leon Bridges went from dishwasher to musical superstar practically overnight More

James Magnussen

As Australian swimming champ James Magnussen prepares for the 2016 Rio Olympics, we make sure he’s ready to look his Best More

Wine tips to impress your date

Wine slinging is part of popular culture now and there’s a fine line between knowing enough to impress your date and sounding like a bit of a wanker. So where’s the line, how do you choose a good drop and what are some one-liners you can drop to your girl to impress her socks off? […] More

Darren McMullen

Scottish-born Adopted Aussie, star of TV HIT House Husbands and host of The Voice, DARREN McMULLEN, suits up WITH some classy Spring fashion flair More

Tim Cahill

He Lives In New York, Plays Football In Shanghai And Hopes To Lead The Socceroos In What Will Be His Fourth World Cup Campaign. More

Jamie Bell

Before Jamie Bell suits up as Thing in this month’s Fantastic Four, he channels Jack Kerouac in this year’s coolest denim looks More

Conor McGregor

Deadliest catch Conor McGregor, UFC’s quick-fisted, fast-talking featherweight, takes a style detour ON the California coast More

Some Like It Rough

Why people enjoy being pushed and pulled around the bedroom More

Travel Dubai

In the Middle Eastern megalopolis of Dubai, bigger is definitely better More

Welcome to MAXIM TV

It’s a Thursday night, you’re almost in the week’s home straight, and you’ve crashed on the couch for a final bong hit before bed. More

Health and Fitness – Boxing

It’s one of the oldest and most loved sports, but will boxing continue to thrive in future generations? More

Beef Club

We’re breaking it, by taking you behind-the-scenes of popular Paris bistro The Beef Club, so you can see how high-end chefs handle their meat More

MAXIM Australia Third Birthday Party – August 1st, 2014 at Casablanca, Double Bay

Britta, Ash, Liz and Tamika at our MAXIM photo booth Ash and Tamika on the red carpet Ann and Scotty Cam MAXIM Australian Swimwear Model of the Year, Laura Brunskill MAXIM Australia Editor-in-Chief, Santi Pintado with MAXIM Australian Swimwear Model of the Year, Laura Brunskill Annette Melton Brittany Dwyer (centre) and friends Tamika and Olivia [...]

Cuban Fury

Pascale Salsette has been teaching and performing Salsa and Samba for 13 years, appearing in both the national and world championships of Salsa in that time. She explains the rigours and fast-paced fun of dance More

The Whisky Club

The top 10 things any self-respecting man should know about whisky. More

Some Like It Hot

We sent our man inside the superheated battle for the chillihead crown. More

Eating and Drinking With Anthony Bourdain

America’s pre-eminent eater on what to shove in your mouth after you drink your face off in the USA More

P.J O’Brien’s Irish Stew

For the Melbournians out there, we’ve got your St Patrick’s Day dining sorted More

BBQ Special

Whether you’re serving cow, pig, fish, lamb, or chicken, let maxim’s squad of meat wizards school you on smoking up some magic. Vegetarians, we’ll catch up with you another time More

Man 2.0

Fitness wizards and wolfpack leaders John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein have a new
book out called Man 2.0, which equips you with the knowledge to get your rig in order,
up your bedroom game, and optimise your brain function. More

Tony Parker Fashion

With the US BASKETBALL Finals fast-approaching, fashionable Frenchman and three-time NBA champ Tony Parker rocks this season’s freshest looks More

Adam Scott Fashion

Parks and Recreation funnyman Adam Scott conquers the great outdoors in fine fashion More

Soundwave Beats its Drums

The new big boy of the Australian rock summer delivers a stunning line-up More

Harvest Review

The inaugural Harvest bucked the trend, with a mindblowing experience headlined by Beck and Sigur Rós More

MAXIM 1st Birthday Party

We could hardly believe that a year had passed since we came kicking and screaming
into the world. The hangover was equally unbelievable… More

This tastes funny

Actor and comedian AZIZ ANSARI goes behind the scenes of one of his favourite restaurants to see how the nastiest part of a beast can become the tastiest part of a feast More

Travel – Amsterdam

Things MAXIM associate editor Daniel Steiner learnt in Amsterdam: 1) Don’t eat too many ’shrooms. 2) Don’t eat the bananas… unless you definitely know where they’ve been More

The Ultimate Orgasm Guide

Dirty talk, moaning, losing control – real girls reveal what it feels like for them (and how to get them there) More

The Rambo Routine

With Superbowl XLVI just around the corner (February 5 to be precise), we decided to hit up the Minnesota Vikings’ 198cm, 122kg, All-Pro defensive end, Jared Allen, for some training tips. He was happy to oblige with his very own soldierly workout. If you’ve ever wanted to crunch a quarterback, read on More

Suit ’em up

Finish ahead of the pack with these suave spring racing looks More

UNSEENTV Launch Party – Video

Watch the UNSEENTV video from the MAXIM Australia Magazine launch now! More

Lingerie Boutique

New online service helps men avoid awkwardness when buying lingerie

The smuggler’s world guide

Matt Potter has been around the world with smugglers. He chose to fly with Air We Don’t Give A Crap in an Il-76 – a gargantuan Soviet-era plane that attracted its fair share of gunfire. More

MAXIM Launch Party – Image Gallery (People)

Sydney’s social elite were out in force at the Museum of Sydney on Tuesday night (July 19, 2011) More

MAXIM Launch Party – Image Gallery (Event)

The MAXIM 5 heated up the red carpet at the Museum of Sydney on Tuesday night (July 19, 2011) More

The Drinking Man’s Guide to Hangovers – Article

The greatest guide to the worst 24 hours of your life. More

Australia’s Strongest Man

Derek Boyer has won every Australia’s Strongest Man competition since the year 2000 More

Mouse Hunt! Where’s the Love Online?

The web is crawling with friendly women. More

Australian Barmaid of the Year Search

We’re searching for the hottest women behind bars for the MAXIM Australian Barmaid of the Year competition. More

Boonie’s Over Beer? – Article

David Boon, cricketing legend and ambassador for Canadian Club and Dry, is no longer all about the beer Word around the traps is that you’re not as much of a beer drinker as you used to be? The first issue of MAXIM Australia is probably as good a place as any for me to ’fess […] More

Bartender – Tim Philips – Article

Tim Philips is the Australian Bartender of the Year. More

Mark Webber

Australia’s Formula One sensation stops driving fast to talk fitness, fatness and acting the fool. More

Sidelined – Concussion – Article

Sport’s most common injuries explained – by a real doctor More