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“Studies show that up to 60% of men are unsatisfied with the size or appearance of their penis,” he says. “Men are much better groomed these days and whilst we can work on our fitness, physique and skin, we never really had a simple cosmetic option to address issues with penis size. “I developed the CALIBRE technique as an in-clinic, doctor-performed injectable procedure designed to noticeably increase erect and flaccid penile girth, along with flaccid length. The more product that is used, the bigger the increase in size. We have already performed the CALIBRE procedure on over 100 men and we are also educating other medical practitioners interested to learn the technique.The latest penis injectable techniques and products are providing consistently good and long lasting results. Dermal fillers have been injected into the cheeks and lips for at least the past 20 years, to address the loss of volume which commonly happens as we age. The CALIBRE technique is the application of dermal fillers to increase ‘volume’ of the penis. A 15ml package will often increase flaccid circumference by one inch, which results in around 0.5-0.7 inches when erect. Larger volumes also tend to increase flaccid length due to the extra weight. The results are immediate, long lasting and can be completed during a one hour in-clinic session. Penis size matters when it impacts on a man’s confidence. When men feel more comfortable in their appearance this can also translate through to more confidence in other areas of life.”

CASE STUDY: A real man talks

“I work in the film industry and about a year ago I started to get curious about penis enlargement. All of my partners in the past were extremely satisfied but my current partner has children and I felt like maybe she would appreciate a bit more. I visited online forums and learned about Calibre. From the moment I contacted the Calibre Clinic, my enquiry was treated with discretion and clear communication. All my questions were answered.
“The first procedure was not painful, however, the follow-up procedure, two days later, did hurt. Normally there is more time between the first and any subsequent “top up” treatments, however, I had flown in from overseas and wanted to receive the full benefit.
“The results have had a significant, positive impact on my overall confidence level. I was already above average in that aspect but a little extra goes a long way in the self-esteem department. My erections are just as firm as before if not more. I have found that penis size is not something men talk about in person, but it’s definitely a factor when it comes to self-confidence. Even if you are very self-confident, which I am, an increase in penis size equates to an increase in self-confidence.”

Five Facts About Calibre…

1. The CALIBRE technique involves the painless injection of dermal fillers just below the penile skin, much like the injection of cosmetic fillers into the lips and cheeks since the ’90s.

2. The procedure can be performed during a one hour in-clinic session with minimal or no downtime. The aesthetic symmetry can be enhanced during your review session about four weeks later.

3. CALIBRE is for any man concerned about the size of their penis and how this impacts their body image and intimate relationships, “Our patients are of all ages, background and personal circumstances. We have been surprised by how many men are interested in non-surgical penile augmentation options,” says Dr Oates.

4. The augmentation lasts between 18 months to three years and CALIBRE Clinic is currently trialling longer-lasting dermal fillers, potentially lasting up to four years.

5. CALIBRE is a medical procedure and should only be performed by Doctors trained and certified by CALIBRE Clinic.

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