How to: Be A Better Partner

The art of courtship is not dead — it’s just sometimes forgotten about. Even when in a relationship a man needs to continue courting a woman to keep things alive, sexy and exciting… More

Coronavirus Porn

When the coronavirus emerged as a global pandemic, who would have thought it would be pornified? Our resident sexpert takes a look at pornography in COVID-19 times… More

Angry Aphrodisiac

Resident MAXIM sex columnist VANESSA DE LARGIE tells you why angry sex isn’t necessarily a bad thing… More

The Orgasm Gap: What’s the Deal?

The orgasm gap was born when a U.S. study revealed that 95% of heterosexual men climaxed during sex in comparison to only 65% of women. More

More, Please!

An online discussion sees women share what they wish men would do more often in bed… More

Sensuous Talk

We chat with KEITH JONES, CEO and Founder of local romantic adult products company Sensuous, to talk start-ups, sexual enhancement and their superb range of “lotions and potions”… More

8 Ways to be More Erotic Outside the Bedroom

To celebrate MAXIM’s 8th Birthday, our resident sexpert VANESSA DE LARGIE presents a list of eight helpful methods to help you live your sexiest life… More

Get Hard

Five ways to get better, stronger and longer-lasting erections – without taking the drugs… More

Dating App Depression

Is it a thing? Do you have it? If so, how can you avoid it? Wellness expert, lifestyle coach and bestselling author ANDI LEW investigates… More

All The Rage

The team at Sensuous has the answers on improving your sex life … More

Work Ethics

Our resident Sexpert gives us her no-nonsense take on office sex… More

How to Win a Girl in 10 Days

Wellness expert, lifestyle coach and bestselling author ANDI LEW shares 10 top tips on how you can score a lovely lady in under two weeks. You’re welcome… More

Pull Yourself Together

With May being International Masturbation Month, our Sexpert takes a look at the benefits of being a full-blown wanker… More

Political Performance

When it comes to one’s political stance and sex, who is better in the boudoir – right-wing conservatives or left-wing radicals? Our resident sexpert VANESSA DE LARGIE takes a look at both sides of the party… According to a book by social psychologist, Dr. Justin Lemiller from The Kinsey Institute, conservatives primarily fantasise about the […] More

Financial Cheating

A new study has revealed the behaviours that indicate you’re a victim of “financial infidelity”. Here’s how to discover if your partner is doing so… More

Virtual VS Real-Life

Can online sex be as hot as real-life sex? Of course it can. In some cases it can even be hotter… More

Smooth As Silk

Whether you are new to silicone or water-based lubricants, or even an experienced user, you’ll be more than stimulated with the sensational Sensuous Smooth range of products. Intimacy has never been so much fun…   Smooth Personal Lubricants (Water Based) $14.99rrp There are four products in the Sensuous Smooth range – one silicone and three […] More

Livin’ on the EDGE

MAXIM sex columnist VANESSA DE LARGIE tells you why now is the perfect time to give yourself that extra “edge” in the bedroom… More

The Top 15 Jobs That get the Most Swipe Rights

So… did your job make the list? If not, no worries. Just take your online dating skills to the next level with these tips and you’ll be good to go… More

How to Orchestrate a Successful Booty Call

The booty call is a winner for all men – it’s go-to sex without all the work. Nothing beats no-strings-attached sex, right? Nothing beats a lusty romp without the tedious lead-up. If you’re the kind of man who wants to get laid, without having to play “the game”, read on… More

Smooth Operator

Whether you are new to a silicone lubricant, or an experienced user, you’ll be more than stimulated with the new silky consistency of Sensuous Smooth Silicone Personal Lubricant… More

Men, Sex & Instagram

A recent survey  conducted by the men’s lifestyle site has candidly revealed how men use Instagram for sex, dating and pornography. More

How to Approach the #METOO Era

The explosive #MeToo Movement has changed the way men and women interact forever. As sexual assault and sexual harassment allegations continue to snowball across the globe, men and women find themselves traipsing new terrain. In 2018, how do men go about making the first move in a way which is self-assured yet mindful of a woman’s boundaries? Read on… More

The Seven Deadly Sins of Online Dating

If love is a battlefield, then online dating is the weapon of choice. Apps and websites have transformed the way we date and hook-up, but just like with other weapons, sometimes we need a little training to use them correctly. More

Cyber Love

Cybersex, also known as virtual sex or cybering, is sexual arousal or orgasmic climax via computer technologies. Here are seven reasons why it’s “da bomb” and why you should participate regularly… More

The PE Solution

For many men premature ejaculation (PE) can be a serious problem, but what exactly do we mean by serious? Let’s assume your tendency to abandon ship too early is not caused by some medical condition, but you’re in the category where far too often the excitement is all too much for you. So, what causes this and more importantly how can it be addressed? Read on… More

Do You Like To Watch?

If you have a fetish for voyeurism, here are some ways to include it in your sex life with a consenting partner, friend or f—k-buddy… More

How To Make It Happn

If your online dating game isn’t on point, ramp it up with the help of CLAIRE CERTAIN, Head of Global Trends at happn, who has put together a list of 10 profile types to watch, who are more popular and frequent than others, on the dating app… More

Crypto + Sex =

Aussies are taking on the tech world in crypto with companies like Havven and Intimate Token leading the charge on the global stage. Havven raised $38M. is on sale now. If you like crypto or you like sex then the Intimate Token is the ideal token for you. More

How to Last Longer

If your body is currently parked in the sack and revving up to go for some boudoir action, here are some quick, quality tips to fire up your engine and give you endurance for the long sexy haul… A recent survey of nearly 4,000 people, conducted by, found that women (on average) want to […] More

The Size Debate

Do we really have to have the size discussion anymore? Yes, there is still a debate to be had but these days it’s not a matter of size but what size exactly… More

Could porn be used to start social change?

By Dr Nikki Goldstein People often wonder what I do day to day being a Sexologist, and sometimes it involves watching porn (I know tough job hey). My latest viewing was a scene written by our Aussie porn star Angela White, “The weight of infidelity.” However, this movie directed by Bree Mills for Pure Taboo, […] More

Is She Faking It?

If you’re a man who’s had sex with at least 10 women, chances are one of them has faked an orgasm with you. But how do you know when she’s faking it? Here are some sure-fire signs to indicate she’s a faker…

The Art of Spanking

Since the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey series, the masses have begun to seek kinky lifestyles. Though mocked by the broader BDSM community, Fifty Shades is responsible for making erotic spanking mainstream in our current era. So, let’s delve further into some spankety-spank – here’s some handy stuff I’ve learnt on my journey through spanking… More

Summer Lovin’

The sun, sand and sea has us all feeling more amorous, and in the mood for lust, but as the temperature rises how does one keep the sizzling sex hot but the body cool? Here are some sultry suggestions that will help you to achieve both… More

Why you really love Strippers

MAXIM sex columnist Vanessa de Largie does some research into why men adore the naked female form and the clubs they dance at. The results will surprise you… More

Rough and Ready

With women swooning over the hairy he-man type known as the “hipster”, it’s time for average guys to put down the waxing strip and seize the moment More

The MAXIM Porn Dictionary

The world of pornography is a confusing (and fantastic) place. In order for you to better fathom the litany of XXX prefixes, we’ve gone and drawn up a handy guide to the best, worst, and weirdest. Enjoy! More

Rated Ex

It’s a dangerous gamble, but sometimes sex with the ex is the best sex More

Have Condom, Will Travel

Sometimes the best way to get off is to get away More

Rules of Attraction

Want to read her poker face? Here’s how… More

It’s the Ultimate Orgasm Guide

Dirty talk, moaning, losing control – real girls reveal what it feels like for them (and how to get them there) More

Just the Tips

We get six girls to test the sex moves women’s magazines tell your girlfriend you’ll love More

Talk Dirty To Me

Phone sex is so last century – the women of today are embracing video-chat sex. Thank you, Skype! a More

Her Favourite Positions

Ian Kerner, PhD, sex counsellor, and author of She Comes First, says these pleasure-packed moves are guaranteed to please More

Some Like it Hot

There’s no time like the summer for a one-season stand More

Final Fantasy

Sometimes a girl feels sexiest when she’s not herself… More

The Five Rules of Threesomes

Cast a net… on the net A surefire way to find women who are willing to hop into bed with you and your lady is scoping out the “bisexual” profiles on dating sites for boundary-pushing beauties in your area. Be confident Women want to feel like the man will guide them through a threesome – […] More

Three & easy

Have you always imagined that two girls would be better than one? So has she More

Be Her Sex Superhero

A step-by-step primer on how you can be her G.O.A.T. That stands for Greatest Of All-Time, by the way – it’s definitely not some weird kind of animal role-play thing More

You May Now Kiss The Bridesmaid

Spring is the season for weddings. And weddings are a great place to score. Gentlemen, it’s time to suit up and crash the bridal party! More

Where’s The Love Online?

If you’re between the ages of 12 and 62, you’ve tried to meet a woman online, which isn’t a surprise. Researchers at the University of Texas report that 30 per cent of women who meet a guy on the net have sex with him on their first face-to-face encounter. That’s some good odds. But landing […] More

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

What your sex dreams really say about your love life More

Manhood Matters

It might not be a regular topic of conversation but penis size matters. Moreover, sizing-up why it matters. We spoke with Dr. Jayson Oates, FRACS about a medical male enhancement procedure he has pioneered so that penis enlargement can be achieved without surgery More

Roadside Rendezvous

Behind closed doors, your night begins… More

How Long Good Sex Takes

Longer isn’t necessarily better, but watching the clock can be instructive More

OK Cupid

Once the most hated man on the Internet, former “dick lit” douche lord Tucker Max has rebranded himself as a self-help guru teaching men how to fall in love and be happy. Are we ready to take him seriously? More

Mile-High Club

One woman’s quest to achieve orgasm at 5,000 feet More

10 Selfish Sex Moves That Women Hate

OK, I asked for it. The other day, I was talking with my gal-pal, ‘Julie’, and I started complaining about all the, in my humble opinion, stupid conditions women put on sex. Well, Julie may be ‘one of the guys,’ but she’s not a guy. And she definitely has her own opinions about where men’s […] More

Dirty Secrets Behind Dirty Movies

Almost everything about “Casting Couch” porn is bogus, but those innocent coeds who think they’re in on the joke have no idea what’s really coming. More

The MAXIM Australia Sex Special

Want to become a bedroom superhero? Allow us to educate you… More

SEX – Rules of Attraction

Want to read her poker face? Here’s how… More

Skype Sex

Phone sex is so last century – the women of today are embracing video-chat sex. Thank you, Skype! More

The Good Sex Diet

Plate your way to pleasure with Melinda Shaddock’s food tips for your sexual vitality. Gobble then get busy! More

Sex With A Bridesmaid

Spring is the season for weddings. And weddings are a great place to score. Gentlemen, it’s time to suit up and crash the bridal party! More