The Facial Terrain

Identify your facial terrain and it’ll make shaving a heap easier.


The Hot Corner AKA Corner of Mouth
Half cheek, half mouth, where flashbacks of past shaves gone wrong still linger… Treat this patch of delicate mouth-face gingerly, or laughing will make you want cry.


The Cliffhanger AKA Bottom of Chin
A highly sensitive spot that must be shaved with caution. Best to shave either up or down, not across it.


The Bunny Slope AKA Upper Lip
There are a few undulations to heed here, otherwise known as your cupid’s bow. Slow and steady is a wise approach, to avoid slicing up your face.


The Half-Pipe AKA Below the Lip
This leads in to the Cliffhanger, so be careful. Don’t shave up and down. One direction only guys, or you’ll wind up with a nasty rash.


The Claw AKA Side of Neck
The softest part of the neck is often the hardest to shave and if you don’t tread carefully, you can wind up wrapped in the shame of a turtleneck.

Tegan Martin

Rough and Ready