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How To Make It Happn

If your online dating game isn’t on point, ramp it up with the help of CLAIRE CERTAIN, Head of Global Trends at happn, who has put together a list of 10 profile types to watch, who are more popular and frequent than others, on the dating app…

1. THE MIRROR MONKEY: The one who is obsessed with their own reflection
This is without a doubt the most common type you will ever encounter when you online date — the self-loving mirror photographers. In their defense though, it’s not always easy to snap a great selfie.

2. THE ADRENALINE JUNKIE: The one who lives to the extreme a bit too much
Bungee jumping, kayaking, skydiving, water rafting, mountain climbing – the list of extreme adventures is long and nothing seems too exciting for this person. Be prepared to risk your life on your first date!

3. THE ANIMAL LOVER: The one who seems to be building an ark
Who doesn’t like to snuggle up with a puppy, hamster, lamb, tiger or why not the most regular choice — especially among guys — a slimy fish?

4. THE GROUPIE: The one you always see in group pics
We’ve all encountered this sort of social chameleon when online dating. She likes to hide out among others in pictures and it’s totally impossible to say who the person really is.

5. THE CHILD-FRIENDLY TYPE: The one who is all about ‘family’ but doesn’t have kids
“Oh, you have a really adorable baby!” Doesn’t this melt your heart every time? “But wait, the baby is not yours?! It’s just a prop for your new dating profile picture. Well, that’s not creepy at all.”

6. THE NO-FACE: The one who is a gym rat
In this case the face is not that important, but it’s not the inside that counts either. It’s actually the body appearance. Therefore, it helps if you’re a body builder — or perfectly at ease with your sexy love handles — to complete this kind of profile.

7. THE BAD GIRL: The one who wants to shock
Dark, hostile pictures combined with a dangerous attitude. Actually the whole profile just screams “GET AWAY FROM ME!”. So one might wonder, what is this person really doing on a dating app?

8. THE CARTOON CHARACTER: The one who loves filters
A profile that you must have certainly encountered on happn is the one with cartoon pictures. Although many of us would love to date Jessica Rabbit, it’s actually not the way to go if you want to land potentially the best date ever — like the girl who has a crush on you when you’ve crossed paths on the street and who’d love to find you again on happn.

9. THE TRAINING MANIAC: The one who secretly wants to be in the Olympics
The profile is packed with selfies from the gym and the jogging track. To get this type’s attention you better be well familiar with the best protein powder and the latest CrossFit exercise or you’re out of the race.

10. THE IMMEDIATE ROMANTIC: The one who seems loving at first
It really seems like the perfect crush and the chemistry is instant. He or she will definitely say romantic things like, “It has never felt so right before” and promise you a land of milk and honey — but wait until you meet in real life before reciprocating compliments.


happn is the first mobile dating app to use real-time geolocation to help you discover people you’ve crossed paths with in real life. Every time you cross paths with another happn user, their profile appears on your app. The app currently has 38 million users around the world and operates in 50 major cities spread across 40 countries. happn is available to download for free via the App Store, Play Store and Windows Store. For more information go to

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