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Livin’ on the EDGE

Sensuous Edge Delay Gel for Men

MAXIM sex columnist VANESSA DE LARGIE tells you why now is the perfect time to give yourself that extra “edge” in the bedroom…

Sex marathons aren’t easy. And to assist you with achieving them you need something to give you an edge. Enter the Sensuous Edge Delay Gel for Men — an all-natural gel that will give you the ultimate staying power. Edge is specially formulated to delay ejaculation and keep you powering on and on. Made with a non-numbing formula, the convenient sized 7ml tube enables users to work a small drop of gel into the head of the penis and, as I found, for the best results apply the gel an hour prior to having penetrative sex.
After 30 minutes, you guys will feel a slight tingling — signalling that your “edge” is about to kick in. Speaking from my own personal experience, this is truly an incredible product which stands alone in the marketplace — it is reliable, body-safe and pH-balanced.
Moreover, the gel is water-based — which means it’s safe to use with condoms — and the tube generously contains around 30 applications. Talk about staying power! The issue with many sprays and creams available on the market, which are used to treat premature ejaculation, is that they contain a medication called Lidocaine. This is generally a safe product but most men can experience side effects such as numbness, redness and swelling. Suffice to say that this is not really ideal, especially when your goal is to have an evening of scorching hot sex.
With Sensuous Edge Delay Gel for Men you can be assured that you’re using a natural product which is Australian made and tested. The magic formula is made from a blend of tried and tested herbal ingredients which is the perfect combination to help you impress your partner. Studies have found that people have more sex during the festive season than any other holiday. And with the silly summer season in full effect, there has never been a better time to grab your own tube of this quality creation and finally give your lady a gift that keeps on giving. ■

Sensuous Edge Delay Gel for Men, $24.99rrp at For more info go to SENSUOUS.COM.AU

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