The Young Man And The Sea

How one extreme adventurer is preparing for the ultimate “round-trip”… More

Cliff Hanger

A superstar of freeride mountain biking explains the method behind the apparent madness… More

Bend Don’t Break

You may think you don’t have time to stretch, but do you have time to be injured? MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY gives you the lowdown on mobility and flexibility… More

The Warm-Up

MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY sows us why a proper warm-up can be the difference between having a good workout and a bloody great one… More

Rookie of the Year?

As the US basketball league prepares its coronavirus comeback, we take a look at the most hyped NBA prospect in a generation as ZION WILLIAMSON brings the party to New Orleans… More

Strength and Stability

Can’t make it to the gym? We’ve got you covered. MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY shows you how to build up your body and mind… More

Green Machine

The L.A. Lakers’ DANNY GREEN plans slick moves both on-and-off-court… More

Isolation Training

Struggling to keep fit at home while staying away from COVID-19? MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY shows you how to train while in self-isolation — and it’s not what you think… More

NRL 2020 Season predictions

As the National Rugby League kicked off this month, we enlisted the expertise of the FOX LEAGUE commentary team, including some former NRL greats, to give us their season forecast for all things footy in 2020… More

The Running Man

Whether it ’s short, productive sprints or a medium to long-distance jog, MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY tells you why running doesn ’t have to suck… More

Total Body Conditioning

You don’t need an hour to get a heart-pounding, muscle-building, fat-shredding workout. All you need is a set of Kettlebells, 20 minutes and some defibs on standby. More

Daniel Ricciardo

He’s had a roller coaster debut season with the Renault F1 team, but he’s still excited about the road ahead. MAXIM sat down with the smiling Australian Formula One star for a debrief on his 2019 journey… More

Core Control

MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY explains why abs are only the beginning when it comes to your core workout…   Contrary to popular belief, your abs and your core are not one and the same. Your abs, which you ’re probably more familiar with, are the superficial ones that give you that coveted six pack look and […] More

Daria Gavrilova

Ahead of the summer tennis season, the Aussie ace and all-round Goddess, discusses her hypothetical last day on Earth… More

Minimalist Training

Resident MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY explains how you can get more gains in less time… More


Forget beast mode. MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY says sometimes it’s best to try least mode… More

The Golden Goddess

From former WBFF Bikini World Champion to fitness and beauty entrepreneur to reality TV star… it’s easy to see why WWE mega-babe MANDY ROSE is the hottest sports entertainer in the world. And, as she makes her sexy MAXIM cover debut, she tells us what fans can expect when they see her in action at WWE LIVE touring Australia this month… More

Leg Day

Resident MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY explains how to build bigger pins one at a time… More

Functional Training

Resident MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY explains how you don’t need to be a pussy to move with purpose… More

The Real Aquaman

How a British strongman challenged the ocean — and survived… More

Need For Speed

We chat to father and son team, Ken and Dave Warby — one is the current world water speed record holder, the other is attempting to beat his old man and set a new world record, despite there being an 85% mortality rate in doing so… More

The Specialist

Alfa Romeo Racing’s ANTONIO GIOVINAZZI has an uphill battle for his first full-time campaign with teammate, 2007 F1 World Champion, Kimi Räikkönen. We caught up with the 25-year-old to discuss… More

The Crusty Demon

PAT BOWDEN —Australian FMX Champion, X Games competitor and member of Freestyle Kings the Crusty Demons — shares his training and diet regimes, talks broken bones and how he mentally prepares to perform some of the world’s deadliest stunts… More

Obstacles to the Perfect Body

MAXIM’s resident Clinical Nutritionist, BROOKE BENSON CAMPBELL (BHSC Nut Med), takes a look at the handbrakes that may be keeping you from your ideal body and sabotaging your health goals… More

Sneak Pique

GERARD PIQUÉ, the Spanish football star, and Shakira’s better half, is one of the sport’s true talents… More

The Tough Road

Australian F1 driver DANIEL RICCIARDO has endured a tough campaign so far at new team Renault. We caught up with the 29-year-old at Melbourne’s Albert Park to talk tactics… Dan, what can we possibly ask you that you haven’t been asked already? What haven’t you heard? Someone just asked me what I like about Australia […] More


If you’re a fan of “functional” movement then you can’t go past the deadlift. MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY explains how there’s nothing more practical than picking up heavy shit off the ground and moving it around… More

The Comeback Kubica

Polish racer ROBERT KUBICA returned to the F1 grid this year after more than eight years, following his horrific rally crash in 2011. We sat down face-to-face with the 34-year-old to talk Williams, his comeback and F1’s original night race in Singapore… More

Thrust Into Action

If you ’re not doing Hip Thrusts, you ’re missing out on some serious gains. MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY explains how you don ’t get the butt you want by sitting on it… More

Essential Cardio

MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY shares some essential tips on the cardio you should be doing… More

How to Pull

MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY shares some essential tips on how to pull. And she means chest to bar, not women. Although, it definitely won’t harm your chances when it comes to the latter… More

NRL 2019 Season Predictions

As the National Rugby League kicked off this month, we enlisted the expertise of the FOX LEAGUE team, including some former NRL greats, to give us their season forecast for all things footy in 2019… GORDEN TALLIS TOP THREE PLAYERS TO WATCH Kayln Ponga: This kid is an absolute excitement machine. I can’t wait to […] More

How To Get A Grip

The stronger your hands are the more weight you can lift and the more muscle you can build. MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY shares some essential tips on grip training… More

Trust The Process

Patience has been key for Joel Embiid, the NBA’s next superstar… More

Staying Summer Fit

MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY has some essential top tips on staying fit during your silly season summer sabbatical… More


As someone who is constantly challenged to arm wrestles in bars as opposed to being asked for her number, MAXIM fitness guru ALEXA TOWERSEY is more than qualified to teach you how to say goodbye to puny arms for good… More

The Houston Rocket

Tilman Fertitta talks to Maxim about building his business empire, his commitment to customers and his most recent acquisition — a star-studded NBA team with stratospheric ambitions… More

Cool Hand Luke

Champion fighter Luke Rockhold won over UFC fans with his steely resolve and deadly submissions. His movie-star looks didn’t hurt, either… More

Rookie Of The Year

He’s from Monaco, races F1 cars and is 2018’s most exciting prospect. We catch up with Sauber young gun Charles Leclerc… More

Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth has the abundant and, more importantly, the acute mental toughness to join the ranks of the best golfer of all time… More


Australian Wrestling Entertainment (AWE) champion, Vinnie Vain, talks up the levitating league and shares his success story so far… VINNIE STATS BORN: July 1, 1988 OCCUPATION: Marketer by day, Pro Wrestler by night When and how did you get into the world of wrestling? I started training to become a professional wrestler in February 2014. […] More

Tennis In Paradise

As the legendary Rafael Nadal goes for his 11th French Open title this month, students are developing a killer backhand, in a five-star setting, at his signature tennis academy in his hometown of Mallorca, Spain… More

Chris Burkard: The Awe Inpsirer

Photographer CHRIS BURKARD has gained a worldwide following by capturing the wonder of nature’s most remote landscapes… More

Nobody’s Team

It’s the worst gig in BASEBALL: No stadium, no fans, no home field. Who would sign up for This? The guys who need it most More

Ian Walsh

In a new documentary, Hawaii native IAN WALSH does what he does best — surf the biggest swells in the world… More

Dan Reardon

Professional Supercross and Motocross CDR Yamaha athlete, Dan Reardon, gets geared up to defend his national title More

Touch The Sky

From its humble origins to hosting the paragliding World Cup, renowned Bir-Billing marks the full turn of the wheel for the sport in India. Maxim flies high to find out what the sport is all about More

Race To The Top

Mountain climber Kílian Jornet is on a mission to scale the world’s highest peaks faster than any man alive. There’s just one problem: So is Karl Egloff More


It’s messy, it’s dangerous, and it’s the fastest-growing sport on two wheels. Can you survive cyclocross? More

Blood Sport

Once a year, the men of Florence, Italy, engage in one of the most violent athletic contests ever devised More

Crossfit Founder

CrossFit founder Greg Glassman became filthy rich, then became something else entirely: a spiritual leader with a flock of millions More

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dos santos Aveiro wakes up every day in a compound of a home in Madrid. A Mercedes, a Bentley, a Lamborghini and a Rolls Royce are parked outside. A closet of designer shirts are ready to accentuate his perfectly toned figure. A private jet sits on standby. And he tells himself something that […] More

Dana White

The ufc president talks about his last day on earth More

Let’s Talk About Flex

Joe Rogan, the stand-up comic, podcast host, and UFC commentator, on why your body isn’t a wonderland More

Robbie Maddison

The Australian motorcycle stunt rider discusses his last day on Earth More

Michael Clarke

Former Australian cricket captain turned author, ambassador, commentator and father, Michael Clarke, suits up for a big 2017 More

Kelly Slater

The most accomplished surfer on the planet is creating a suite of global brands based on sustainability and imagination More

Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton might be the greatest driver of all time, but his passions extend well beyond the racetrack. At 31, he’s finding new gears in fashion, music and business More

Nico Rosberg

We catch up with the forthright German on his take of the incident and the many other challenges ahead More

Bruno Senna

We take on Monaco with former F1 and current formula e speedster, Brazilian Bruno Senna More

Soa Palelei


Steven Curry

Stephen Curry is basketball’s biggest hope More

Glenn McGrath

In his new audiobook, Test of Will, former Aussie cricket champ Glenn McGrath reflects on the events that have helped shape his life More

James Magnussen

As Australian swimming champ James Magnussen prepares for the 2016 Rio Olympics, we make sure he’s ready to look his Best More

Mitchell Starc

Australian fast bowler, Mitchell Starc, is one of our best cricketers. Here he reveals his training and diet regimes, how to be at the top of your game, and what it’s like to win for your country More

Shane Warne

MAXIM cover girl and TV presenter Laura Csortan catches up with her good mate to talk cricket and the Ashes, dating, women, hangovers, and lighting candles in his bedroom More

Tommy Berry

From the Golden Slipper to Sydney, Caulfield and Melbourne Cups to Hong Kong and the Singapore Gold Cup, 24-year-old Champion Australian jockey TOMMY BERRY has quickly establishing himself as one of the best riders on the planet. Here he tells us what it takes to be just that… More

Mike Tyson

Boxing aficionado, Rory Holloway reveals the undisputed truth about his experiences as Mike Tyson’s former manager More

Joakim Noah

Joakim Noah has gone from supporting NBA player to superstar, all while keeping it weird More

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Health and Fitness – Boxing

It’s one of the oldest and most loved sports, but will boxing continue to thrive in future generations? More

Arm Wrestling

Inside the world of the Australian Armwrestling Federation, where the biceps are big and the champions are… vegan? More

Red Bull Winners

Four men, each of them accomplished athletes and Red Bull ambassadors, share their goals for 2014 More

Red Bull X-Fighters

Innovative FMX super-duper-star Tom Pagès is back and he’s well in the hunt to seize
his first Red Bull X-Fighters crown More

Benji Marshall

Wests Tigers five-eighth Benji Marshall is about ready to hang up his decorated boots and follow in Denzel’s footsteps More

Cyril Rioli

Hawthorn midfielder Cyril Rioli admits he’s not as fast as Usain Bolt but is a lot more confident when it comes to the Hawks’ chances in 2012 More

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk is the best skater to ever, um, skate the Earth. Or any other planet, for that matter. He gives us the lowdown on what it’s like being the captain of cool More

Bruno Senna

When the legendary Ayrton Senna was tragically killed in 1994, the world lost a motor racing icon, but NOW, his legacy lives on through his Formula One racing nephew, Bruno Senna More

Georges St-Pierre – Article

Growing up in working-class Montreal, Canada, Georges St-Pierre was a shy, nerdy kid who preferred playing chess to tangling with bullies. Today, he’s not just the UFC Welterweight Champion: He’s the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world More

Anthony Mundine – Article

Bold boxer anthony mundine speaks about shaping-up, staying clean, and what the future holds for his 36-year-old self More

AFL VS NRL – Article

Two men in the know defend the footy code they love. And take cheap shots at each other More

Rocky Elsom

Wallabies skipper Rocky Elsom is more confident about our World Cup chances than giving girl advice… More

Dan Carter

After tasting two World Cup defeats, All Blacks superstar Dan Carter is ready to hoist the Webb Ellis Cup More

Australia’s Strongest Man

Derek Boyer has won every Australia’s Strongest Man competition since the year 2000 More

Mark Webber

Australia’s Formula One sensation stops driving fast to talk fitness, fatness and acting the fool. More

Sidelined – Concussion – Article

Sport’s most common injuries explained – by a real doctor More