The MAXIM Australia Sex Special

Going Down Guide

Girls describe the first time they get amazing head as “the first night of the rest of their sex lives”. It’s a fact: Awesome oral skills can transform you from random fling into the guy she still talks about years later over drinks with her friends. And because we believe that every girl deserves good head – and every guy deserves to be a hero – we gathered top-secret tips from women on how to please them below the belly button.

The first rule of thumb (or tongue – zing!) is that giving oral sex is about one thing and one thing only: the clitoris. This little nub has heaps of nerve endings concentrated onto a tiny surface. Skipping over or straying from it would be like a girl giving head to a dude and only licking his balls, or giving the tip just a few seconds of attention before heading off to kiss his thighs. So, first and foremost, find the clit, and once you find it, stay put. “I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have a guy go down on me, put just the right amount of pressure on my clit, and then wander off on a fool’s errand around the rest of my sweet spot,” says Kelly, 24, a research scholar.

Because the clitoris is such a sensitive area, finding the right amount of pressure for the woman you’re with is key. While this definitely varies from girl to girl, there is one general rule: Too much pressure will be painful (you’ll feel her pull away a bit); too little will be a waste of time (she’ll lie there looking unimpressed). For a foolproof move, try putting your lips around the bean and moving it in and out of your mouth with a soft sucking motion, while simultaneously using your tongue to stimulate it directly. “The first time a guy did this to me, it blew my mind,” says Katy, a 31-year-old architect. “It was twice the stimulation – super intense. I thought he was a genius!” Most women will also get off on you flicking your tongue on their clit over and over, so long as you keep the pressure and pace steady. “My ex was the best at locking into a rhythm and then just repeating the same motion until I exploded,” says Kelly. “He would make what felt like figure-eights.”

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