Sex With A Bridesmaid

Spring is the season for weddings. And weddings are a great place to score. Gentlemen, it’s time to suit up and crash the bridal party!


For the single girl, attending a wedding can be a bummer. “It’s tough to watch two people commit for life and not think, ‘Why hasn’t anyone liked me enough to do that?’” says Bethany, 31. “It stokes the fires of insecurity, which makes you susceptible to come-ons.”
Sad, but also encouraging – as that insecurity plays in your favour. “I can’t believe the kinds of guys I’ve screwed at weddings,” reveals Petra, 29. “One was a catering waiter who looked like he’d just graduated from high school. I bummed a smoke from him outside the reception hall kitchen and we did it against the wall, next to a dumpster. There should be a clinical term for this, like ‘Temporary slut-sanity’.”
A less obvious cause for women’s wedding-based hormone surges is the desire to celebrate singleness. “Right as my best friend was promising to obey her husband for life, I started searching for a sympathetic eye to shoot a ‘Thank God that’s not us’ look,” says Alice, 28. “Everyone was glued on the bride and groom except for one of his co-workers. At the cocktail hour afterwards we laughed about our mutual fear of commitment then stole two bottles of bubbly and headed to his hotel.”

The full version of this article appeared in the September 2011 issue of MAXIM Australia

Dan Carter

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