SEX – Rules of Attraction

When a female emperor penguin is ready to mate, she approaches the male and lies flat on the ground waiting for him to impregnate her. If only getting laid were so easy for you. Unfortunately, the female human’s desire to hump is usually shrouded in mystery. Even when we do display affection, you’re faced with the difficult task of deciphering whether it means “I like you, let’s get naked” or “I like you, let’s get sushi with your friend with the scruffy beard.” To help you crack the code, we talked to women who were willing to divulge their biggest tells. All you have to do is pay attention.

Plain and simple, a woman’s touch is a good sign. “If women are already connecting with you on the verbal level, a way to show that we want to connect more deeply comes from a touch,” says Jamye Waxman, sex educator and host of the DVD 101 Positions for Lovers. So if she rests her hand on your forearm mid-conversation, she likes you. If she brushes her knee against yours, she likes you. If she grabs your balls, she really likes you. Short of her being pushed into you by a fleeing purse snatcher, in fact, there’s no such thing as a “bad touch”. But there is subtle contact that you may need an even keener eye to catch.
Britney, 22, used just such a stroke of genius during a dinner party, when she was swooning over the guy sitting next to her. “We were deep in conversation, and I reached over and brushed a crumb off his shirt,” she says. “Actually, there was nothing there, but I wanted to initiate physical contact without being awkward. Once we crossed the touch barrier, it was on – he thumbed the hem of my skirt, then we detoured to the coatroom.”

Not through psychedelic drug use but by giving in to the power of your suggestions. If you tell her your favourite restaurant serves delicious pig’s feet and bone marrow, and she says, “When can we go?” she wants you to know she’s game for whatever you have in mind. That enthusiasm and openness is likely carry into other areas of life as well.
“On our second date, my now-husband asked me if I’d ever go skydiving,” says 33-year-old Tori. “I was terrified but said yes because I was so into him. We went a few weeks later, and it was totally exhilarating. We were on such a high that when we got back to his place we had crazy, every-room-in-the-house sex. That was our first hook-up, too!”

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