Nico Rosberg

You and teammate Lewis Hamilton clashed on Lap 1 of the Spanish Grand Prix, taking each other out. How do you and the team move on?
I’ve looked back on it enough now, and we’ve moved on. We already had the test again, which we’ve been focusing on. It’s a thing of the past, so let’s go and move forward.

Despite the fracas in Barcelona, you’ve had a fantastic start to the year. How does it feel, given how hard you worked going into this season?
I’ve focused and put a lot of energy into it. I’m pleased with how the first part has gone. I’m well aware I’ve benefited from the messy starts of my direct competitors, notably Lewis. It’s not always going to continue like that, as we already saw in Barcelona. I’m feeling good; enjoying it, and winning is the best — that’s where you get the biggest thrill, so it’s been great. I look forward to the rest of the season, even though I’m well aware it’s going to be a tough battle, as always, against Lewis. He is the benchmark and he’s beaten me the last two years.

Has Lewis Hamilton given you the challenge of your life?
I don’t know about the biggest, but it’s a huge challenge — and that’s what I love, these battles. Especially against the reigning World Champion. It’s awesome!

The last time you were in real title contention was 2014. What have you learnt from that to give you added strength?

There’s not one individual point, it’s just the whole experience — having been there, done that helps you going forward. It’s complicated, [being] in the same team, racing each other, fighting for the championship, all the things that are involved.

Does your dad, [1982 F1 World Champion] Keke, still give you advice?
Yeah, for sure. We work together on a few things and I’m always grateful for his help. He’s a very wise person, so I can always use his advice.

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