Russian Dolls


Sure, the FIFA World Cup may be the big deal in Russia this month, but once you meet SEREBRO, the country’s sexiest pop threesome, you may just forget football’s biggest event ever happened…


After being discovered in the 2007 Eurovision contest, the first iteration of Serebro, led by long-standing member Olga Seryabkina, dropped a string of catchy Europop hits from their sexually-charged second album, Mama Lover and put their beauty on full display in the head-turning video for their hit, “My Money”.

As Serebro continues to blow up, now’s a good as time as any to fall in love with current group members Olga Seryabkina, Polina Favorskaya and Katya Kischuk and possibly make their high-energy brand of Europop your new guilty pleasure. As Olga explains, “Unlike our previous clips, ‘My Money’ does not carry a philosophical load and does not make you think. It’s easy, clear and designed for happiness and dancing.” Sounds good to us!

Serebro have a loyal following in their homeland and never disappoint them. “Our fans don’t want to leave our concerts, so we always give them the maximum performance,” says Polina. “Say if one of our concerts only goes for an hour we often give them another half an hour to sing an encore.” Katya adds, “We like to give people joy and the more people like it, the more joyful it is for us to give it to them.”

So what inspired this gorgeous trio to travel to the Russian town of Abrau-Dyurso and wear this white wedding wardrobe for this photo shoot? “Firstly, it’s an amazingly interesting place,” explains Polina. “There’s the sea, the lake, the vineyards, the ancient Golitsyn tunnels and you can even take a bath with champagne. Secondly, I wanted to shoot in wedding dresses — the general romance of the place just suited us. We’re all not married but every girl just wants to try on this stuff at least once. And then it started to get hot, we started to undress and from the vineyards we went smoothly into the sea.” Of course, being three extremely beautiful babes, not everything went as smoothly as they’d like during the outdoor shoot.

“It was lucky it was Autumn and there was nobody on the beach,” says Olga. “However, after a while, the cars passing by began to sound their horns and stop. Even a couple of fishermen, who in the distance were catching something, suddenly decided to fish near us.” Who could blame them, right?

Sure these ladies were a little concerned with the adoring males, but we’re a little concerned about their answers when we ask them: what makes you most happy in life? “I really love the experience and thrill of riding on a roller coaster and similar attractions. I adore adrenaline,” says Polina. “Food!” squeals Katya. “I feel mad pleasure from it and I devour anything I eat, but my second source of happiness is falling in love – there is nothing steeper than when someone likes you madly and you think only of him.” And Olga? “I like when I have everything in order,” she reveals. “I take pleasure in the fact that I have no unfinished business. For example, when a light bulb blows in my house I will not rest until I replace it.” Party on, ladies! ■


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