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Diego Luna

Tell us about scoring the role of Captain Cassian Andor?
Well, it was a long process. I was asked to meet with Gareth Edwards, the Director of the project, and it was a weird day that changed my life in many ways. I thought I was there for a general meeting to get to know each other but then Gareth talked about the project, the character and pretty soon he was telling me he wanted me to play the role. It didn’t mean I had the part, it just meant the whole process started.

The process being the audition and…
Yes, that process. It lasted around five months with tons of waiting. After the initial meeting he asked me to put myself on tape, which I did in Mexico — I had to hire a crew and ask an actress friend of mine to help me, but I couldn’t tell them what it was about because we had to keep it all under wraps. A month passed and I heard nothing — I thought, “Oh, it’s over, this is gone.” Then one night I was asleep in Budapest, shooting another project, and my phone rang at 2am. I looked at the number and it was from the UK. Half my family is from Britain so I thought, “F—k it. This must be a drunk cousin wanting me” and didn’t answer. Two seconds later I realised, “F—k! No! It’s Gareth! Shit!” So I called him back and he said, “Welcome to the world of Star Wars.”

What did you do next?
I jumped like a crazy motherf—ker. I felt so proud, happy, lucky and everything. Then I realised I couldn’t call anyone. You know, it’s like, “Oh, it is happening but it’s almost like it’s not happening.”

You’re a big Star Wars fan, right?
I’m a huge Star Wars fan. Huge! I’ve seen all the films many times with my kids. My eight-year-old son has watched the first three films with me over and over — but I couldn’t them I was going to be in a Star Wars film! I’m literally packing to go to London to live for seven months and I was telling him, and my daughter, “Yeah, we’re going to go to London, you’re going to come with me and have fun…” but I couldn’t tell them why exactly.

Did you eventually get to take them onto the set?
Yes! My son was there and he got to go into the cockpit of the ship I fly in the movie. He also met all the creatures, saw all the weapons… I mean, this world was amusing for him and I. And now that everyone knows, it feels good to finally talk about it all.

Describe stepping onto the Star Wars set for the first time?
The first day I arrived in London I went to the studio and Gareth was there in front of a monitor talking to me like, “Welcome, thanks for being here, this is what we’re going to do…” and then I start hearing [makes Darth Vader breathing noise] “Khaaa, khooor, khaaa, khooor…” and I turn around and there he is — Darth Vader! Oh my God! F—k! I was like, “Shit, I’m here!” It took me weeks to stop being a fan and believe I was part of the team.

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