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Peter Griffin

What’s it like being on TV for over a decade?
To tell the truth, I only recorded one episode a long time ago, and they’ve just made those words fit whatever story they’re tryin’ to tell.

Do you feel you’re different from when the show started?
Yes. And you never asked a follow-up question. Journalism school 101, buddy. Next question.

What’s the key to handling fame and success?
I’ll be honest, most of it’s about buying a badarse shark tank.

What’s it like working with Seth MacFarlane?
Is he the same person as Seth Green? ’Cause I like that Seth Green guy a lot.

Are you somewhat loaded from all the syndication rights?
Not really. Most of the money from our show goes to buy the Fox News anchors better wigs.

Do you get much strange fan mail?
Got a letter from a guy named Jaime once. That was pretty weird.

Have you seen any of the extensive Family Guy porn illustrations that exist? What’s your take on that?
Illustrations? Those aren’t illustrations.

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