MAXIM’s resident wellness expert, lifestyle coach and bestselling author ANDI LEW talks social distancing dating…

Dating From Home. Yes, it’s a thing. I’ve had countless messages from people asking how on earth singles are meant to meet anyone in this COVID-19 climate? What’s lockdown done to all the solo peeps who are expressing to me their stupidity for not shacking up with a special someone earlier? “I’m going to be single for the next six months!” Sure, sex toy industries are booming but what else is there today besides shave the carrot and watch Netflix, do home workouts and eat?
Some dating apps now have WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines and recommendations for safe dating. It’s been my dream since I released my book #instalovers — Digital Dating, DM Disasters and Love Stories, that people would finally look beyond aesthetics and find real love within yourself, then really get to know each other before you hook up or share sacred space. Now, we are forced to take our time and dating via video and phone calls and messaging, because we basically can’t meet!
Relationships app Hinge share a notice with your sign in which explains and encourages Zoom calls, FaceTime or any means of virtual connection. In fact 70% of Hinge users are totally down for that, they’re claiming. Bumble already has a feature where you can video chat on their app without giving out your phone number. Instagram has the same. The big change in our new world is beginning and real connection is brewing.
If you do meet up with someone, know not only is it not safe in terms of possible COVID-19 contraction but can you also see the importance for protecting yourself with regards to other viruses? The condom industry is another which isn’t closing down anytime soon. It seems nobody wants a baby named Corona in nine months’ time, no matter where she was conceptualised.
I was on Instagram and a follower slid into my DMs asking if I’ll be his “Quaran-tine”, pronounced like “Valentine”. Some potential partners are marketing themselves with rolls of toilet paper on home gyms in their profile pictures. It seems it’s the new currency! Others are writing in their bio that they won’t meet you if you’ve recently been overseas, and that their idea of a romantic date is to video call while you both do your “nothings”.
So, if you get to second base and that video call and you have a COVID-19 date, the big question is: what do you wear? Quarantine Chic (AKA tracksuit and pyjamas) or Instaglam? If you do have a casual relationship that started pre-lockdown, now is the time to ask for exclusivity. For the rest of us — “Will you be my Quarandate?” ■

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