Hardcore Monster

Fenyr SuperSport

Remember the Lykan Hypersport? No? We don’t blame you, only seven were ever built. Now comes (hopefully) a more memorable successor — the Fenyr SuperSport.

Despite the local design, the Fenyr will be built by manufacturing company Magna Steyr in Austria with a RUF-tuned Porsche twin-turbo 3.8 litre six strategically placed in front of the rear axle. That power base, along with the 1350kg carbon fibre body, carbon ceramic brakes, a limited slip diff, and a rear wing with 3 separate moving segments, will keep everyday performance hardcore. We’re talking 0-100 km/h in 2.7secs, and a 392 km/h top speed, hardcore.
Externally, the Fenyr design does away with smooth lines and gives way to an abundance of sharp edges, almost as if the designers/builders were given a machete as their only tool. Internally, the high-end/high-tech cabin features a digital screen with instrument display and infotainment duties, while physical buttons remain a rare sight.
The Fenyr won’t be as rare as the 7 Lykan Hypersport. W Motors’ is copying Tesla’s plan of lower price, higher production. For just $2 million, you get the Porsche inners, the Euro build quality, and the crazy performance figures echoing the design. Twenty-five of them will be built yearly; not mass production by definition, but this company producing this monster machine is taking baby steps.

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Mattie Spears

Elizabeth Chevalier