Dendrobium D-1 Electric

For those unaware (i.e. everyone), a Dendrobium is a genus of orchid native to Singapore. Like that flower, the Dendrobium machine is native to Singapore and unsurprisingly, it’s their first attempt at such a project.

Back in the mid-1990s this two-seater was a mere design, but now the Dendrobium D-1 has officially been given a date with the production line; with the company getting some much needed tech-head wisdom from the guys at Williams Advanced Engineering (the team behind some decent Formula One campaigns).

Run down the specs of the D-1 and you will realize it is hypercar badge worthy – not too shabby for a startup. We’re told the D-1 will feature an all-electric drivetrain with a total power output of 1340kW and torque set at 2000Nm. Set on a 1975 kg carbon fibre body heavy on the composite and alloy materials – this thing should move.

Built around a Protocell carbon tub to be used for future models, it’s likely existing lithium-ion battery technology will be used initially. Another cool piece of current tech are the rear-hinged Bio-Aerial Locomotion doors – used to enter/exit the carbon-fibre swelled interior.

While all seems peachy, an obstacle in the form of the Rimac C Two and Concept One hypercars –  which  claim to hit 100 km/h in around 2 seconds and 2.5 seconds – may block their view of outright electric dominance. Time will tell. And sales…and track testing…and followers.

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