Guy Pearce

Broken Bones is your first album, but you’ve always been musical, haven’t you?
I’ve been writing songs since I was about 10. I just loved sitting at the piano and making things up, writing things, and I’ve always loved to sing. So it’s a world I feel safe in, I can be in my own little bubble. As I’ve earned money on jobs, in television or film, I’ve bought myself recording equipment. I’ve been collecting lots of songs and song ideas over that time. Some songs I will never go back to and someI keep going back to after30 years of mucking around with them.

What spurred you on to actually record?
In 2009 I did a play called Poor Boy and we sang Tim Finn songs in the play, with a band. Michael Barker was the drummer and he was asking me about the music that I made. I said, “Oh I make demos and that’s about it, I don’t do anything with them.” He offered to play drums on some of them and it just evolved. He ended up saying, “you need to do something with this.” He was very encouraging and inspiring and enabled me to see that I just needed to get this stuff out of my system. So we headed over to New Zealand to record some of these demos properly.

People would probably be surprised by how reluctant you were.
There was a big, big level of reluctance. Doing music isn’t something that’s recent, what’s happened recently is the decision to crystalise it and release something, and really for me to get over the hump and the feeling of not wanting to inflict this on anyone, because I know everyone’s pretty sick of actors who release music.

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