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Get to know more about the gorgeous MAXIM’s FINEST AUSTRALIA winner as we check-in with her to see what she’s been up to…

SINCE MY FIRST APPEARANCE IN MAXIM (ON THE COVER OF THEIR 8TH BIRTHDAY ISSUE) IN AUGUST 2019 I HAVE BEEN… Travelling the world for modelling castings, bookings and promotional collaborations. COVID-19 has prevented some future plans in the last few months but it has enabled me to focus on my fitness apparel company I plan to launch soon. It’s a blessing in disguise!

APPEARING ON THE COVER OF MAXIM IS… Weird and wonderful at the same time! When someone recognises me from the MAXIM cover it’s flattering but also
very strange. I’m so grateful to be supported by my MAXIM family, it’s been a life changing experience since appearing as a cover girl and I can’t thank them enough.

THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS PHOTO SHOOT IS… The cultural adventure to actually get to the location in Fiji. From day tripping on a safari drive and transferring onto a bumpy boat ride we finally made it to this clear-water, white tropical sandbar in the middle of the ocean. It really was a trip of a lifetime experience.

I FEEL SEXY WHEN… I’m looking after my body, achieving goals and working out. You are what you eat and I like to feel my best physically and mentally.

WHEN I’M NOT POSING FOR MAXIM I’M… Co-directing a large 4×4 Engineering workshop — I bet you didn’t see that coming! I’m a true Aussie girl — I may know a thing or two about 4×4 vehicles and air intake systems. Outside of this I’m really into my sports, travelling and motorbike riding — I’m an outdoor girl if you can’t tell already.

MY BRIEF LIFE STORY SO FAR IS… I completed my VCE, went to university to further study health science/exercise, finished it and decided to pursue my modelling career more seriously after entering the MAXIM cover girl competition. After getting a few certifications under my belt, travelling like crazy and increasing my Instagram following I’ve started planning my next move – my new fitness apparel store “Livfit Collection” coming soon. Stay tuned!

FIVE WORDS THAT BEST DESCRIBE ME ARE… Loyal, determined, happy-go-lucky, down-to-earth, strong.

THE WORST PICK-UP LINE I’VE EVER HEARD IS… “Are you a Wi-Fi hotspot? Because I feel a connection.”

WHAT I FIND SEXY ABOUT MEN IS… They all have a sensitive spot — you just have to look after them and they will look after you.

MY GIRL CRUSH IS… Delta Goodrem. She is the whole package, she can sing, she’s beautiful and she’s an Aussie icon!

MY BEST ASSET IS… My smile. I think it makes people feel good. It can really change someone’s day if you just smile at them — I just love that.

A GUY COULD WIN HIS WAY TO MY HEART BY… Treating me with respect always and following their passion.

MY PERFECT DATE WOULD INVOLVE… Getting away anywhere for a fun, outdoor adventure.

THE LAST THING THAT MADE ME LOL WAS… Watching some old bird trying to get her short legs over her motorbike for a good five minutes. The “old bird” is my friend.

IF I COULD SPEND A DAY WITH ANYONE IN THE WORLD IT WOULD BE… Einstein. I just want to ask him a tonne of questions that no-one can answer for me! For example, is the universe infinite or just very big?

MY SUPERPOWER WOULD BE… Flying – that’s true freedom!


MY WORST HABIT IS… I ask a lot of questions. I mean, I get told this but I don’t think there is such thing as a bad question – at least I’m not boring!

THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE ANYONE HAS EVER GIVEN ME IS… Life goes on. It’s simple but effective.

IN FIVE YEARS I’D LIKE TO BE… Running a successful fitness apparel business, owning multiple investment properties and a Lamborghini! Who says my dreams are too big!?

Photographed by BRIAN B HAYES (@brianbhayes_photo)
Interview by SANTI PINTADO
Hair & make-up by EVELISSE HAHN

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