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In case you hadn’t noticed, everyone’s an expert on predictions when it comes to future autonomous driving technology. One of the better thought out projections is shared, on-demand vehicles taking over car ownership. Before Uber monopolises the concept, Jaguar hopes to get a leg up with their Future-Type Concept.

The Future-Type combines electric power, advanced AI, autonomous capabilities, social sharing, and on-demand ride summoning – all within their Jaguar brand of refinement.
You’d be forgiven for not recognizing if this thing is actually a Jaguar though. Gone are the traditionally sleek lines from the F-Type or the classic E-Type, instead, the design is straight up futuristic transportation pod from a sci-fi flick.
At the core of Jaguar’s new concept though, is the steering wheel. Dubbed ‘Sayer’ after the designer of the original E-Type, Jag calls it the “world’s first intelligent and connected steering wheel”, and it will act as your personal digitised assistant. But before you think about buying many and taking over the world, ownership is limited to one, you rascal.
Sayer is an advanced, voice-directed AI that can summon your ride, book a reservation, and even tell you what’s in your fridge. While you ride, you’ll be able to check your social network or watch a movie — the necessities.
Sayer also gives you access to the Jaguar membership club, giving you the option to share your car. You can even just own the steering wheel if you want. That way, you use other people’s Jag’s, and save on carwash expenses and parking tickets.
The onboard driver assists will make the car safer to drive/ride, including adaptable suspension, traction and stability control, and steering assist.
We predict Jaguar will have mastered its all-electric performance by the year 2040 — while also creating a steering wheel fetish amongst its owner/drivers/riders. ■

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