Revving up for Street Outlaws

Street Outlaws, the reality TV series that documents the world of street racing, is landing on consoles with a game focused on car culture.

Game: Street Outlaws: The List
Genre: Racing
Developer: Team6 Game Studios
Format: PS4, XBO, Switch
Out: Oct 22

The Street Outlaws TV series raced onto TV screens back in 2013 and in just a short amount of time has amassed a whopping 13 seasons. The car culture documentary cum reality TV series follows those competing in the USA street racing scene. Those trying to build the ultimate vehicles for not just power and pace, but looks, too. The very best make “The List” and can raise their bonnets high knowing they’re one of the top ten.

It sounds like a pretty great idea for a video game, right? Well the Discovery Channel has teamed up with GameMill Entertainment and developer Team6 Game Studios to make the Street Outlaws experience interactive.

The action in Street Outlaws: The List begins in the garage. Through the course of the game you will get access to 24 vehicles from the show, including the likes of the Crow, Murder Nova and Farmtruck. You then look to customise these vehicles, playing around with hundreds of different parts and testing them out on the track in the hope of find the perfect balance of power and handling.

There’s a fair bit of detail to be found in the garage, as the cars are broken into highlighted parts, enabling you to flick through the available equipment to see how it impacts not only your car’s performance, but also your budget. You then take it back onto the road to try and earn some more dollars and edge your way closer to securing your spot on The List.

There are four modes in total to experience, starting with the iconic Drag Racers, and joined by a Challenges mode, the Tuning experience and, of course, Quick Play. The racing takes place in Oklahoma City, smack bang in the middle of the USA. The tracks replicate that sense of racing in local streets and neighbourhoods, so don’t expect to find yourself roaring around Laguna Seca or anything like that. The focus here is very much on the joy of car customisation and drag racing.

We’re happy to report that Street Outlaws: The List caters for local multiplayer, our favourite way to play. You can have up to four friends playing at the same time. There is no online multiplayer, but there are online leaderboards, which allow you to compare your best efforts with friends across the land.

Street Outlaws: The List doesn’t overreach and try to be the ultimate racing experience. It instead focuses in on what makes the show great and what makes car culture so much fun for those who love it. If you feel like having a tinker in the garage and then manhandling a vehicular beast through a city street, then it’s a race worth starting.

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