Zero Motorcycles SR/F

Known as the Tesla of motorbikes, Zero Motorcycles has announced the latest addition to its electric lineup – and it comes packing specs. The 2020 SR/F offers an air-cooled motor that can easily spark up 82 kW and 140 pound-feet of torque. All this plus a top speed of 195 km/h and 260 km of travel on a single charge may keep the haters away. So far, so impressive, but Zero also has some add-ons for those who are always looking to upsize their meal. An additional power tank can be purchased if you need that extra 25% of range, and a lightning quick one-hour charging option is available with the premium model. The premium model also has heated handlebars, for those looking for that extra treat. Just like Tesla, Zero offers constant updates for its bike. When new software is ready, it’s delivered automatically to the machine, through Cypher III. The SR/F will also have its own exclusive app that will allow riders to receive any alerts and track their trips. All relevant info will also be on display on the full colour, customizable dash. Consider it the first fully ‘smart’ motorcycle. Harley Davidson’s electric LiveWire motorbike may be Zero’s closest comp, but the SR/F tops the Harley in just about every category – and costs nearly $10,000 less. To us it’s a no brainer, with zero drama.

Spec check

2020 Zero SR/F
Engine: ZForce 75-10 electric
Transmission: Clutchless direct drive
Power: 82 kW
Curb weight: 226 kg
Top Speed: 195 km/h
Seat: 787mm
Price: $18,995

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