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There’s an awesome new player in the training facility game and it’s all about altitude, allowing you to get leaner, stronger and fitter — faster. Air Locker Training co-founders ROMAN BRADY and DR MAC give us the lowdown…

What is Air Locker Training?
Air Locker Training is the world’s first customised commercial simulated altitude training facility that delivers the most complete workouts the health and fitness industry has ever seen. Based on the most comprehensive scientific evidence and practical application, it’s been the secret weapon of Olympic athletes, astronauts, Special Forces and the most elite sporting teams on the planet for decades. The entire training space is at altitude so from the second you step onto the training floor at Air Locker, to the time you exit, you are in an environment that enables members to do their cardio, HIIT, speed, agility, strength, power and hypertrophy training all at altitude for optimal results.

Why did you decide to get into this concept?
The really simple answer is that we want to take the training techniques used in elite sport and make them available to the commercial health and fitness market to enable people to get the most out of their training. We also want to provide an entirely new training experience to members using scientifically based training principles, based on decades of practical experience with elite athletes, with a no gimmicks attitude that gives an unprecedented workout experience.

Why do you feel the health and fitness market needs Air Locker Training?
Training in an Air Locker provides a completely new paradigm in terms of the workout experience from the minute you enter the training facility. The market is saturated with group fitness providers and commercial gyms all doing slightly different versions of the same thing. So, rather than follow the crowd or try and do a slightly different version of what everyone else is doing in group fitness, we developed a workout experience that has never been available to people unless they are elite athletes, astronauts or Olympians. Air Locker group fitness workouts are developed on the back of decades of experience and the world’s latest research that can’t be experienced in any other training facility anywhere in the world.

What separates you from the competition?
The Air Locker concept was born in elite sport; now delivered to the world! What separates us from other group fitness providers and commercial gyms is from the minute you enter the training area the body has to adapt to the customised environment. With the added effect of exercise, the result is irrespective of how you train, be that HIIT sessions, traditional cardio, bodybuilding, functional strength training or speed, power and agility sessions. The Air Locker workout environment provides the opportunity for members to burn more calories during and after the session, meaning greater fat loss, recruit and build or maintain muscle to get results, in less time and with greater variety than any other form of training. The fitness industry is always looking for the next big thing and Air Locker is the biggest thing EVER to hit the health and fitness industry.


At Air Locker we have the full range of training services, individualised training in a group setting, traditional group fitness, specific sessions for shift workers, individual rehab in a team setting and personal training — or, people can be a member and do their own training in the customised training environment. We do weight loss and body composition specific sessions, comp preparation for physique competitors to get onstage in the best shape of their lives, musculoskeletal recovery and injury rehabilitation, corporate health and wellness, mountain ready programs for trekkers and individualised program packages for amateur through to elite athletes.


How’s this sound? Get Leaner, stronger, fitter and faster? Yes, Air Locker Training is a whole new workout experience for the health and fitness industry. Even if you’ve tried altitude training in the past, they can guarantee you haven’t tried an Air Locker workout. So, if you want to train in a totally new environment and get results from your training by taking your workouts to a whole new level then the Air Locker is where you want to be!
1. Lose fat
2. Gain muscle
3. Get fitter faster
4. Increased capacity to produce back-to-back efforts
5. Improved VO2 (aerobic power and aerobic capacity)
6. Increased anaerobic power and capacity
7. Recover faster
8. Accelerated injury repair
9. Maintain mobility
10. Preserve muscle mass


Dr Mac developed the Air Locker Training concept on the basis of merging science and function in training into practical application through more than 25 years’ experience in the world of high performance sport combined with a doctorate in exercise and sports science and strength and conditioning. He has a master’s degree in physiotherapy and a 17-year career in academia and professorial appointment in sport and exercise science. The Air Locker Training methods have been developed over decades of experience with athletes that needed to become bigger, stronger, leaner, fitter and faster – all at the same time. Let’s be clear — anyone who ever told you that you can’t lose fat and develop muscle at the same time has never worked with Dr Mac in an Air Locker.

CEO and Co-Founder Roman Brady hails from country NSW and is a self-proclaimed broken down footy player who got lost in the woods for half a decade after a career ending injury at age 19. Today he has emerged as a success-hungry entrepreneur. Roman brings very astute business acumen to Air Locker Training leveraging from his experience as CEO of mining giant Tulla Resources and his time working in senior management and executive roles in various businesses ranging from start-ups to ASX100 listed companies across various industries. Couple this with co-founder Dr Mac’s extensive experience in sports science, health and fitness and both co-founders of Air Locker Training make an extremely well-balanced team. ■

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