F1 2019

Game of the Month

It’s been a hard start to 2019 for Daniel Ricciardo, but you can set the Aussie on course for the championship he desires in Codemasters’ official Formula 1 video game.

Game Name: F1 2019
Developer: Codemasters
Genre: Racing
Formats: PC, XBO, PS4
Release: June 28

It’s the pinnacle of motorsport. As Australians we may have a soft spot for the V8 Supercars, but nothing quite tops the glitz, glamour, money, rivalries and machines seen in Formula 1. When legendary motorsport developer Codemasters (Race Driver, Dirt, Grid) picked up the F1 license in 2009, gamers across the world celebrated. And for eleven years now, the studio has been fine-tuning the experience like the expert mechanics of a pit lane garage.

It goes without saying that F1 2019 features everything you would expect from a game celebrating this year’s championship. All the drivers, teams, cars and liveries are there, not to mention the latest rule changes. You can play offline or online against the full grid, not just getting behind the wheel, but tinkering away with your team (media commitments, contracts, etc.) and vehicle set-up over the entire race weekend.

In fact, the Career Mode goes a lot deeper this time around. You can actually start off in the F2 competition, complete with the drivers, cars, tracks and rules of the 2018 season. The idea is you’ll prove your worth in this feeder championship in order to earn a start for one of the big teams in 2019. It also allows you to start forming rivalries with other drivers, which Codemasters has made a focus of F1 2019. These rivalries mean you’re not just racing for the chequered flag, but also to beat certain individuals, adding incentive to any finishing position.

Adding to the idea of rivalries is the inclusion of F1 legends Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. You’ll be able to race as these legends – and explore classic cars – across special challenges.

Already a good looking series, Codemasters has doubled down on the visuals for F1 2019 and the results are stunning. Especially the lighting, night races and weather effects. When you’re racing from the cockpit, it feels almost photorealistic at times, with the dashboard, steering wheel and rival cars pixel perfect, and the surrounding environment exactly as it looks on TV.

Of course realism starts with handling, and continued tweaks to the physics, suspension, tyre wear, damage and more are sure to immerse anyone with even a passing love of the smell of burning rubber. Earning that perfect line through each corner by grafting out the laps in free practice is truly rewarding. Plus, the AI gives you a stiff challenge throughout.

The integration of the F1 eSports series and the general multiplayer community into the core game, the ability to customise your own liveries, and a suite of upgrades to unlock, add more layers to an already very deep game. Dive in, and give that Lewis Hamilton the on-track hiding he deserves.

Did You Know
Codemasters has also announced that the next entry in the amazing GRID series will be out on September 13 for XBO, PS4 and PC!

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