2018 MAXIM Australian Swimwear Model of the Year

Yana Vozharovskaya

The 2018 MAXIM Australian Swimwear Model of the Year Yana Vozharovskaya makes her cover girl debut…

Hello, Yana, congrats on your MAXIM cover. How does it feel?
I’m extremely happy to see myself on the front cover of MAXIM Australia. This is my first cover for the magazine and, of course, I’m beyond ecstatic that I’ve received such an opportunity.

What do you love most about this photo shoot?
We shot this on the Gold Coast on an amazing Horizon E94 yacht. The whole photo shoot took 10 hours with the most amazing and friendly team who are professionals at what they do. I absolutely enjoyed the process and loved the atmosphere around me.

Well, you look gorgeous. When do you feel you are at your sexiest?
I believe a woman is a creature who can attract a man’s attention with her eyes and impress and arouse regardless of the place, mood and state. This is why I always try to look well-maintained, worthy and moderately sexy.

What’s your best asset?
Purposefulness and aspiration for self-development. It’s extremely important to constantly motivate yourself. Physically, I’d say my best asset is my body shape — thanks to genetics for the slim waist, rounded butt and long, straight legs.

Tell us a bit about yourself, Yana.
I was born and raised in the far east of Russia in the capital city called Khabarovsk. I consider myself to be an all-rounded creative person. Since the age of four I participated in many activities like painting, singing, dancing… you name it, but I never really gave all of myself to one particular thing. I enjoyed doing my degree at a university in Russia and loved what I was doing, but circumstances made me put it on all hold to move to Australia which I’m very happy about.

As a newbie to our country, did you find it hard adapting to Australia?
Yes. It took me a year to get used to new surroundings and it was hard mainly because of differences in people’s values and perspectives on life in general. However, after re-analysing the way people live here, it made me overlook the way I was thinking and made me love Australia even more and want to spend my life here.

We hear you were top of your year in high school and received a university scholarship, right?
Yes, I finished my school with all top grades which allowed me to receive a full scholarship to one of the best universities in my state. I started to study Bachelor of Architecture, which was my dream since I was 12. I love drawing and always had a passion for design and working with spaces. As a kid I used to play a video game called The Sims only to construct houses and come up with the design for them inside and outside. After moving to Sydney I completed a diploma of Graphic Design and right now I’m studying my Bachelor of Interior Design.

Describe a typical day for you.
Wake up, breakfast, university, go for a walk, cook dinner, read a book or watch a movie before the bed. But my free time away from studies certainly looks a lot more interesting. I like active recreation, wildlife and visiting new places. Social events are way more interesting, too.

Nice. You were recently crowned the 2018 MAXIM Australian Swimwear Model of the Year (ASMY). What was your first thought when you won?
I only had one phrase in my mind, “Yes, I did it!”… as well as many explicit Russian swear words!

Why do you think the judges chose you to be the winner?
Well, of course, my body shape and well-prepared costumes played a big role, but the most important thing is your charisma and how well you present yourself onstage. The ASMY is an unreal experience. Hands down it was by far the hardest competition I ever have taken part in. The majority of the girls looked gorgeous and were very well prepared – more than half of them could’ve easily ended up in the top three.

What did you enjoy most about your ASMY experience?
The whole week was just amazing, despite only sleeping no more than four hours every night! We were always getting ready for something to do or preparing to go somewhere and that was really exciting and cool in its own way. I have only the warmest memories since the ASMY. It’s almost like the feeling I used to get after being on a summer camp when I was little – you want to re-live the same moment again and again. Watching all videos and seeing all the photos from that week makes me feel incredibly nostalgic.

What advice would you give to the contestants taking part in the 2019 Australian Swimwear Model of the Year?
Take the most out of each day, go out there and have fun and enjoy yourself. Never sit in your hotel room and never miss the group activities because those are the things that make the event and fill you with the best memories forever.

Being the 2018 MAXIM Swimwear Model of the Year, what do you love most about the beach?
I’m one of those people that just love lying in the sun, enjoying the heat and the sound of the waves — this is the most beautiful feeling ever. I prefer little private beaches where you can be by yourself and not worry about someone running around or laughing too loud in a big group of people.

Describe your perfect date?
It could be absolutely anywhere – with the right person. Even the most insane place or outstanding food will not make a perfect date if you don’t have the right person with you.

What does a man have to do to win his way to your heart?
The main thing for me is to feel safe around him — safe in terms of my future expectations with him and knowing that he’s able to stand by his words and prove it by his actions. So, I guess the answer to this question would be to talk less and do more. Haha!

What have you learnt about men over the years?
I was quite a tomboy growing up. I used to climb trees and fences with the boys in my neighbourhood and that’s why more boys and not many girls ended up being my main friends. I’ve observed and listened to them over the years and discussed their girlfriends, sex, relationships… So, I know quite a thing or two about men, their attitudes and traps.

What’s the weirdest thing you find attractive in a guy?
Hairy legs. I can’t stand it when a guy shaves his legs!

What’s one thing men should always remember about women?
Not all girls are naive to trust everything that men say. Another thing is that even if she is impressed by you, it doesn’t mean that she is in love with you.

Finally, finish these sentences…
My superpower would be… reading people’s minds.
Public nudity is… shameless
At bedtime I wear… Nothing. ■


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