Being Fully Prepared on Your Dream Trip to Monte Carlo

Carry Your Euro Currency and Lots of Cash Contacts on Hand

Always remember to bring plenty of cash, but also have a backup plan in place should you accidentally overspend along the way. Once you land in Monaco, you’ll be looking for a fabulous way to enjoy the sights and sounds of Monte Carlo. One of your first stops may be the famed Monte Carlo Casino. Just like stepping into an architectural Mecca of fine art and beauty, you’ll be amazed at all this casino has to offer. Its Beaux-Arts or Napoleon III styled architecture will wow you. But before you leave, don’t forget to try your hand at the tables or slots at the Casino de Monte-Carlo. You should play big or go home, as many locals would say. If you find yourself stuck without some cold hard cash on hand, rely on your backup plan. Ask your friends to send money so you won’t miss out on a single thing at one of the most beautiful spots on earth!

Always Let Someone Know Where You are Going

While Monte Carlo is one of the safest cities in the world, it can also be dangerous. Watch out for rocky edges near the marina and the steep decline off of curvy roads. Renting a classic sports car for the day is a vital requirement for getting the most out of your Monaco vacation. Don’t forget to expand your line of credit before heading out the door. Live a life of extravagance by renting a Rolls-Royce, Bugatti or Ferrari for the weekend. Enjoy racing around the curves with the famous Port de Monaco as your backdrop.

Bring the Right Attire

Monte Carlo is a hot spot for fashion unity. You’ll love to shop there and quickly find anything you need for last minute gifts or for self indulgence. Planning a dinner date at the Hotel De Paris or a day trip to the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco? You’ll have to dress differently for each event. Anything at the Hotel De Paris will require semi-formal to formal attire. For the museum, more casual attire, like jeans and a dress shirt are appropriate. Stop in at one of the casino boutiques throughout town or at the large Le Metropole Shopping Center, in case you forgot to pack something formal. Don’t miss out on last minute excitement.

Make Your Sunset Dinner Cruise Safe and Memorable

Take jet-setting to a whole other level. Charter a boat or board a sunset dinner cruise in the famous Monte Carlo Harbor. The piers and boardwalks offer a vast supply of charming souvenirs and high end eateries. Tour the French Riviera and see the sights. The Medieval Eze, historic Antibes and glitz and glamour of Monaco await you. But don’t forget to do your homework ahead of time. Plan your excursion with a reputable yacht company, who also takes overseas credit cards, cash and travelers checks. Check their credential in advance, to ensure the trip will be secure and pleasurable.

Are you ready to visit one of the wealthiest places on Earth? Be prepared ahead of time and take the guesswork out of the unexpected.

By Katherine Smith.


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