Moto Guzzi

Even legends need reboots. After clocking up 95 years in the biz, the Italians behind that soaring eagle logo – Moto Guzzi – are looking to capitalize on the current trend of retro-styled machines with their new V9 models, the Roamer and the Bobber. Aimed at a new generation of hipsters and youngsters, these two share the same platform but part ways when it comes to ride and style.

MAXIM Australia was invited to ride the new Roamer & Bobber on an epic full day ride through the beautiful Kangaroo Valley and we’ve got the stunning pics to prove it.

The V9 Roamer version brings the old-school cool with a classic 70’s design with sleek bright finish. To say it is chilled is an understatement – the pullback handlebar provides smooth grip, the wide bench seat offers a cloud-like riding position, and the large 19-inch front wheel rolls effortlessly over any wrecks in the road rather than bulldozing them.
On the other hand, the Bobber is literally the dark horse (on wheels). You’ll need candles for this one – almost all its elements are blacked-out, including the mirrors, springs and exhausts. Thanks to its chopped rear fender, fat rear rubbers, and aggressive riding position courtesy of a thinly-padded seat and flat handlebar – it wins the award for the most masculine of the pair.
As its name implies, the V9 uses a larger V-Twin engine than the previous V7 platform. With roots that go back to 1967, the now 853 cube motor churns out user-friendly torque quicker than the Amish on butter duty; meaning first and sixth gears have higher ratios and never stress – even when you cane the machine like there’s no tomorrow.
Every dimension of both bikes is authentic to the Moto Guzzi tradition from 1921 while also adding modern tweaks, like an analogue speedometer with digital multi-function display, a multimedia system which connects to your smartphone, and a ‘find-my-bike’ function in case you forget which level you parked on.
Continuing their metal obsession, the fuel tank and fenders are steel, while aluminium is used for the side panels and hand levers. Finding plastic bits may require a search party – a nice little advantage to one up the 900cc and 1200cc Bonneville range.
While the Roamer has more comfort for long stretches, the Bobber has the advantage in the passes Overall both are a great way for those new to motorcycling to connect to the make, its history – and the badassery that comes with it.

Spec check
2017 Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer and Bobber
Engine: 853 cc V-twin, 4-stroke, 2-valves per cylinder
Transmission: 6 speed with final overdrive
Power: 40.4kW
Torque: 45.7 lb-ft.@3,000 rpm
Dry weight: 199 kg
Seat height: 785 mm (Roamer); 780 mm (Bobber)
Fuel capacity: 15 litres
Price: $16,500

Yovanna Ventura

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