The Silent Assain

By now, if you’re not aware of Droog Moto’s dark post-apocalyptic themed style, you should hand in your trench coat. Their bikes are characterized by a rugged exterior, chunky tyres and a riding position that’s as aggressive as a New York cabbie. This time however, the two person team has produced a custom one-off that is loud in every way except its engine.

Droog’s builds have become so popular they’ve begun producing limited series production custom motorcycles for picky riders worldwide. The Silent Assassin E-Scrambler, is one such example.
Commissioned by an unknown customer, the ride runs off a Brammo Empulse R base, with a water-cooled permanent magnet AC motor. Predictably, it produces electro power figures of 40 kW; surprisingly though, the battery drives a six-speed transmission.
That battery is connected to a J1772 level II charging system onboard that can be fully juiced in just 3.5 hours — with every additional 10 minutes of charge providing 8 km range.
One of the most challenging parts of the build for the Droog duo was swallowing their pride and producing fake parts. In the place of what would normally be a tank, they fabricated a faux tank cover that conceals the charging point and some of the electrical wiring systems. They also had to design elements to look like exhaust pipes.
Thankfully the tyres are more than real; a pair of chunky Continental TKC 80’s fitted front and back, giving the bike plenty of grip when you run out of asphalt.
With one of the most important electric production motorcycles of the modern age, Droog Moto has once again proved that heavy custom builds don’t have to be loud, dirty and polluted. The future is most definitely electric — and the Droog Silent Assassin will more than likely dominate there.

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