Jane Konsol

Hello, Jane, congrats on your first MAXIM cover. How do you feel?
I am incredibly happy about this opportunity in my life. I have dreamed from an early age to be active in this industry. When I was a child I admired models like Irina Shayk, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr and many more. It all slowly came together like a puzzle and now I have achieved one of my greatest dreams with MAXIM. Everything you can imagine is real.

What do you love most about your cover photo shoot?
That these pictures reflect my inner world – I was feeling super confident and powerful. My vision is to promote the culture of self-acceptance as I´ve been rejected for being too short or too fat to be a model. I look forward to empowering women of all ages, sizes and shapes to be able to accept, appreciate and love their bodies, no matter what shape they are or size they wear. My mission is to promote self-confidence among all women, as I have been through this myself – gaining it back after a history of body shaming.

When do you feel sexy?
I feel sexy when I’m being myself and not trying too hard to be what I’m not. Just being natural is sexy and it’s also all in the eyes! Plus, shooting for MAXIM Australia, with amazing people, is very sexy.

What is your best asset?
My mind. It connects me to riches, wealth, peace, prosperity, internal rest, financial independence and financial freedom. My inner world creates my outer world.

When you’re not posing for MAXIM what do you do?
I am taking care of my health and my personal development through practicing yoga, weight training, reading books and meditating.

Tell us a bit more about yourself.
I’m from Tyre, Lebanon – the ancient Phoenician city and the legendary birthplace of Europa and Elissa. I grew up on the Mediterranean shore, in a conservative society, where the simple idea of a woman posing for swimwear was considered obscene. This was my daily motivation to pursue my dreams — assert my convictions and be the model for my very own swimwear range. Aside from modelling, I’m a certified yoga trainer, teaching in my own yoga studio – JK Fitness Space, vinyasa yoga and aerial yoga. In 2017 I had a special appearance in a movie titled Zafafian and in 2015 I participated in the third season of Dancing with the Stars Middle East. I’ve also launched two special songs, but this year I decided to follow all my childhood dreams, which I’ve been neglecting, and one of them is acting.

How long have you been modelling?
From beauty pageants and international competitions to TV and cinema appearances and magazine covers, my life under the spotlight is yet to unfold. Between 2009 and 2013, I was a contestant in Miss Lebanon (2009), Miss Bikini Universe and Miss Beauty Arab (2013). Last August I participated in a TV series by Caroline Milan, which will be broadcast soon on local TV channels. This year I also joined the Sports Illustrated Swim Search reaching the final casting in Miami among 60 other models selected from thousands.

Awesome work! All this and you also have your own fashion ranges right?
I have created my own lingerie brand, which I called Marry Jane Lingerie, as well as my own sportswear line, JK Sportswear. My main passion remains my very own swimwear brand, JK Swimwear, which I‘d like to see featured on world catwalks and international magazines.

How did these clothing brands come about and start up?
Life is better in a bikini and on the beach – with a good tan. I grew up on the beach and was addicted to buying bikinis, so that’s why I started the JK Swimwear brand. To accomplish my mission I’ve dedicated a plus size in my clothing line and showcase it in all my collections. By featuring these sizes I shape the image of my brand as one that empowers women and advocates for positive body image.

What would people be most surprised to know about you?
Reading is my passion – I’m an introvert and I like to spend time alone in my room, laying on my bed and reading while sipping green tea.

What’s the best way for a man to win his way to your heart?
Simply by being a gentleman and a caring person – things like from receiving a cup of tea in bed to simply being asked if I’m OK. It’s often the little things, like sending flowers for no reason or planning a surprise trip away, that count.

What is the weirdest thing you find attractive in a man?
There’s nothing sexier than books! When I see a man reading a book he automatically becomes more attractive to me – especially if he is wearing reading glasses.

Describe your perfect date.
My favourite kind of date is the one that gives me a little push towards opening up more than I usually do, an evening where I feel comfortable enough to loosen up and let my guard down for once. And one with a nice view, and a nice wine, or eating at a nice new restaurant – I’m a bit of a foodie, after all.

Would you ever date one of your social media followers?
I want to say that I love all my followers and I appreciate all the support you all give me! Every notification I get means a lot to me, every comment makes my heart jump! I’m one of them – I’m a follower – so we are all the same. He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.

Have you ever been to Australia?
I´ve never been but it’s definitely on my list! I would love to visit Australia since I’ve met amazing people from there with beautiful energy, simplicity, positivity, friendliness and a lot of them are attractive. Plus, I have family in Australia so hopefully I can visit very, very soon!

What do you know about Australia?
I hear Australia has some of the world’s most stunning landscapes and I can’t wait to visit Bondi Beach. I also love the healthy lifestyle that most Australians are adopting, like jogging on the beach and yoga studios.

Finally, where would you like to be in five years?
A self-made billionaire, the best and highest paid actress in the Middle East and, for sure, to build a family. ■


FULL NAME: Jeanne Marie Konsol (aka Jane Konsol)
BORN: February 12, 1990
HOMETOWN: Tyre, Lebanon
FIVE-WORD SELF DESCRIPTION: “Goal-digger, self-compassionate, go-getter, ambitious, spiritual.”
HOBBIES: “I have many! Nature walks, reading books, watching documentaries, travelling and exploring new cultures, aerial and hot yoga…”
PHOBIA: “I have a fear of touching cats.”
GO-TO DRINK: “Wine improves with age – the older I get, the better I like it!”
HANGOVER CURE: “Drinking plenty of water, eating sushi and watching a movie on Netflix.”
LIFE MOTTO: “‘Stay sexy, stay hungry, live like a legend’, quoted by Lebanese Life Coach Anthony Rizk.”


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