Indian FTR1200

This is the hooligan bike you know you need. The long-awaited production version of Indian’s FTR1200 concept bike is finally here, and it brought with it real performance credentials – and real parts.

Engine: Liquid-cooled, DOHC, V-Twin
Transmission: 6 speed, wet clutch
Power: 89kW
Torque: 85ft-lbs@6000rpm
Curb weight: 222 kg
Fuel Capacity: 13 litres
Seat: 840mm
Price: from $19,995

No doubt the Indian brand of bike makes some beauties, but certain critics were afraid they would diminish the production version by making it too far gone from the concept. Well, thankfully they didn’t; as the FTR looks ready to destroy.

At the heart of the 2019 FTR pumps a new liquid-cooled 1203cc V-twin that produces an un-Indian-like 120 horsepower (89kW). But Indian had their bag of tricks like a low-inertia crankshaft for quicker revs and magnesium engine covers to help keep weight down.

For the transmission, Indian chose a final drive chain over a typical American V-twin belt; which helps with gear changes, but hurts with owner maintenance.

While the base model has a snooze-fest single speedometer with small LCD readout, the FTR1200 gets a pay-per-view worthy full-colour display with electronic rider aids like traction control, stability control and wheelie-control. What they’ve done is outta control.

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