Carly Louise Lippiatt

Destination MAXIM Australia – Bali

FULL NAME: Carly Louise Lippiatt 
HOMETOWN: Newcastle, NSW
BORN: February 19, 1993
FIVE-WORD SELF DESCRIPTION: “This is a bit of a mixture but I’d say Intuitive, humble, funny, rowdy and caring.”
FAVOURITE DRINK: “Smirnoff Double Black, or any vodka really – I’m easily pleased as long as it’s alcoholic.”
HANGOVER CURE: “A big, fat, greasy meal… and cuddles.” 
GIRL CRUSH: “Margot Robbie. She’s such a babe and I could look at her all day.”
LIFE MOTTO: “Thoughts become things.” 
INSTAGRAM: @carlslippiatt
SNAPCHAT: @carlslippiatt

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I was born and raised in Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia and I work as a beauty advisor at Sephora. I absolutely love my job but since becoming a make-up artist I’ve always been interested in modelling since the majority of our work is done on models. I never really had the confidence to push myself into modelling until one day I thought, “Just go for it!” Now I have modelled for one of Australia’s biggest men’s magazine and it definitely won’t be the last. 

What would people be most surprised to know about you?
I’m a very intuitive person and I’m super into law of attraction and manifestation. I’m also very spiritual and really interested in card readings and crystals – I even have my own tarot cards and do my own readings at home. 

Describe your MAXIM experience in Bali?
My interpretation of the trip was to empower women and to give a select group of women a chance to really pursue their dreams. Not only that but one thing I learnt was self-love which was massive for me and it’s so important for anyone – believe in yourself and know that you can and will achieve that dream and the universe will present opportunities and experiences to achieve that. 

When do you feel sexy?
This sounds a bit strange but honestly I feel most sexy in active wear. I love the curves of my body and I feel so confident when wearing it. Even though I never actually work out at all I just wear it because it looks good. 

What is your best asset?
My eyes. Even though a lot of people would probably say my boobs, I love the colour of my eyes and I always get asked if I’m wearing contacts

What have you learned about men over the years?
Younger or older it doesn’t matter – they all enjoy playing games. Focus on loving yourself until someone comes along and falls in love with you the same way you do. 

What’s one thing men should always know about women?
They should know we always find out everything! If they don’t believe it, try us – we got skills. 

Where would you like to be in five years?
Successful and happy – that’s all I’m striving for.

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Photographed by Rocky Batchelor 
Styling by Belinda Roelofs 
Hair & make-up by Yuni Wilson 
Swimwear & lingerie by Mary Holland    
Videography by Cameron Brunt
Shot on location at The Mandala Group

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