Chloe and Beth Hurrell

The ever-gorgeous 2017 MAXIM Australian Swimwear Model of the Year, CHLOE HURRELL, introduces us to her equally sexy blonde bombshell sibling…

Hey, Chloe and Beth, congrats on your MAXIM cover. How do you ladies, feel?
CHLOE: Thank you so much. I’m so excited for this one. Being on the cover last September was great but getting to do it again with my sister was even better.
BETH: Yes, thank you! I feel wonderful. I’m on the road of 2018 being one of my best years yet. Seriously, this is a monumental moment in my life and I couldn’t be happier.

Why did you decide you both wanted to do this shoot?
CHLOE: Beth and I went together to the MAXIM HOT 100 party last November and the vibe for the two of us celebrating with MAXIM was so much fun we thought it would translate well into a shoot.
BETH: Yeah, I’d be lying if I said I was the one who made the overall decision. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do for a long time and endlessly harassed my sister with the connections. So, when MAXIM made the decision to let me in on their bad-ass magazine it was certainly a dream.

Beth, this is your first MAXIM cover and Chloe’s scond. Did she offer any tips before the shoot?
BETH: I think we both helped each other equally through the day. It’s like an intuitive sister telepathy thing — I can just look at her and know exactly what she’s thinking. Some parts of the shoot I knew exactly what I was doing and then other times I’d look at her with the eyes of, “What do I do with my hands right now?” and she would just know.

Tell us a bit about the shoot.
CHLOE: We shot at Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast in beautiful Mary Holland Lingerie pieces, just doing typical sister things. The idea was for it to be an old-school style shoot with us running amok around the location. You know, overflowing the bath, ordering too much room service, noise complaints and running around the hallways in less than an acceptable amount of clothing.
BETH: The moment Chloe and I started discussing what we envisioned for the shoot we were on exactly the same page — just two sisters causing a little too much trouble in a beautiful hotel. And finally getting to do a shoot with my sister is a magical first-up experience to have, right?!

Any funny behind-the-scenes anecdotes you can share with us?
CHLOE: There’s one particular concept where we were filling the bath with bubbles and ended up flooding the entire bathroom.
BETH: And it was pretty hilarious when room service brought up five massive meals to the room and there is lingerie everywhere.

Well, you both look gorgeous. When do you feel sexy?
CHLOE: Thank you! I feel most sexy whenever I choose to be. Sexiness is like confidence — it’s a mindset that starts on the inside and radiates outward.
BETH: Confidence — not cockiness — is the key to sexiness. Not just in me, but when I see it in other people, too. It’s seriously magnetic. If you feel good, you look good.

What do you consider to be your best asset?
CHLOE: My hair — I’m a Leo, so it’s pretty much my mane.
BETH: What can I say? I was truly blessed from the Booty Lords.

When you’re both not posing for MAXIM what do you do?
CHLOE: I’m currently doing my Honours (fourth year) in Psychology at Griffith University, and I’ve also just started working at Nineteen at The Star — as a VIP host at the Star Casino on the Gold Coast. I love it.
BETH: I’m lucky that I generally get to do modelling to make a living. I also dream of becoming an actress and worked on the movies Thor and Aquaman over the last two years, which was surreal. So, going to castings and auditions is pretty much my life but I love the uncertainty of it all.

For those who do not know much about you, tell us a little more background about yourselves.
CHLOE: Beth and I were born in Sydney and moved up to the Gold Coast almost 15 years ago. There’s only 2.5 years between us so we spent a lot of our childhood with each other.
BETH: Chloe and I got along like two bulls in a china shop — seriously butting heads — she’s a Leo and I’m an Aquarius, so anybody who is familiar with Astrology knows we are utter opposites. Years ago, when I graduated high school, I enrolled in teaching at university but somehow ended up getting drunk one night and doing a filmed interview that ended up airing somewhere. My parents saw it and suggested I consider news reporting. From there I went to acting school, got cast in some movies and now I’m here!

What do you sisters love most about each other?
CHLOE: Beth is so unique and always unapologetically herself. Sometimes I forget to live life that way and seeing her is always a reminder to write your own rules and live by your own terms.
BETH: Chloe is undoubtedly blessed with beauty. Working in the modelling industry I have met many women who rely on this aspect of themselves to get them through life. Chloe is one of the most independent and intelligent people I know — her beauty may be a blessing but she worked her arse off for everything she has achieved which is unfathomable.

What is your sister’s best quality?
CHLOE: Beth’s best quality is definitely her kind nature. When she enters a room it’s like a breath of fresh air. She is always trying to make everyone around her happy and I love that about her.
BETH: Chloe is very grounded — she knows exactly what she wants and she’s not afraid to ask for it.

OK, enough praise. Is there anything you dislike about each other?
CHLOE: Beth is vegan and I’m only vegetarian so I always feel guilty when I eat things around her like cheese.
BETH: I could give her all the compliments in the world and she isn’t really phased, but I diss her once and shit goes straight down like the Titanic.

What would people be most surprised to know about you?
CHLOE: Sometimes I sleep with the light on because I’m scared of the dark.
BETH: I’m blind as a bat and am always reluctant to wear my glasses. #4eyez

Chloe, you are the current MAXIM Australian Swimwear Model of the Year (ASMsY) but hand over the title to another talent later this month. What advice do you have for her?
This month? Where did the year go?! My advice would be to embrace every opportunity it creates with open arms and always be humble and grateful. The title is what you make of it and the hard work doesn’t stop once you’ve won — it’s only just begun! The past year has been an absolute whirlwind of excitement and opportunity. After shooting your September cover in Sydney, MAXIM took me to Seoul, Korea not once but twice. Most recently doing a fashion show at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. I’ve made some awesome contacts domestically and internationally and the great thing is the opportunities don’t just stop after these past 12 months. I know there is still more to come.

Nice one. What have you ladies learnt about men over the years?
CHLOE: Men can act as tough as nails all day but when it’s bed time, guess who wants to be the little spoon? Hint: it’s men.
BETH: Men, men, men… can’t live with them, can’t live without them. I haven’t had great luck with them, which has taught me to invest my time into my career — which thankfully will not wake up and decide it doesn’t love me anymore then change its mind the next.

If you had to take MAXIM on a date, what would it entail?
CHLOE: What an honour. I’d probably take you to my favorite Italian restaurant where we would eat pasta and tiramisu and drink red wine until we exploded.
BETH: My perfect date would involve a coastal drive to somewhere scenic and beautiful, a picnic and beers followed by live music and dancing.

Would either of you ever date one of your social media followers?
CHLOE: I do already have a boyfriend and he does follow me, so technically yes?
BETH: If I liked them, I don’t really see the issue. Though it is refreshing meeting people who don’t have a premediated opinion of you based on a couple Instagram posts.

What’s the weirdest thing someone has messaged you on social media?
BETH: “Please send me photos of your feet”. Not today, Satan, not any day.”
CHLOE: Yeah, the “please send me photos of your feet” is definitely making a comeback. What a time to be alive!

What message do you have for the haters and social media trolls?
CHLOE: I wish you every success and happiness this world has to offer.
BETH: By the power vested in me I pronounce you blocked and deleted.

Finish this sentence: Public nudity is…
CHLOE: Empowering.
BETH: Powerful.

If you ruled the world for a day what would you do?
BETH: Make Ellen DeGeneres US President, end world famine, stop global warming, dogs would live forever, and pizza becomes free — all in a day’s hard work.
CHLOE: I would free every caged animal, impeach Donald Trump, make world peace imminent and legalise marijuana.

What’s next for you girls?
CHLOE: Beth can take this question. Writing my Honours thesis has left me in the library until October. Come check back on me then.
BETH: I never know what’s around the corner. I’ll just see where America takes me and go from there. I do have plans to move to Canada at the end of the year — I love the Gold Coast but I almost feel like I’m on a permanent holiday/retired by 21 and it’s just not for me. This butterfly needs adventure!

Finally, where would you both like to be in five years?
CHLOE: Travelling around the world using my psychology degree to help people who need it the most but can’t access it. I’d love to travel East more so I learn more about integrating Eastern psychology practices.
BETH: Acting. Maybe on the silver screen, maybe on your local soap opera — I know beggars can’t be choosers but you have to go big or go home. ■


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