The Five Rules of Threesomes

Cast a net… on the net
A surefire way to find women who are willing to hop into bed with you and your lady is scoping out the “bisexual” profiles on dating sites for boundary-pushing beauties in your area.

Be confident
Women want to feel like the man will guide them through a threesome – especially if it’s their first time. If you’re indecisive about things, she’ll assume you’re hesitant in bed, too.

Heel your inner-horndog
Don’t act too pumped. Yelling, “Who wants the boomstick first?” will make you look like an utter dickhead. Instead, pretend threesomes are a normal occurrence. Pretend you’re rich and own a theme park, too!

Divide and conquer
Rather than directing both girls downstairs, give each lots of individual attention. They’ll join forces – on you, or each other – of their own accord once they feel relaxed and turned-on.

Make it all about her
When broaching the topic, don’t tell your girl how much you want to bang two chicks. Tell her how much you’d want to see her being pleasured. That’s called threesome psychology 101, friend.

Three & easy

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