Casey Boonstra

Hey Casey, congrats on your second MAXIM cover. How do you feel?
Hey, it feels great to be back! Thank you for having me again. It was such a fun shoot and I worked with an amazing team, I’m a very lucky girl.

What did you love most about this amazing shoot?
The location was incredible, it was such a beautiful spot and the weather was definitely on our side which always is a plus. Add the good tunes and great company and what’s not to love! The style we’ve gone for in this shoot is “swim luxe” and the idea was to have very strong poses which I loved as it reflects my personality. I consider myself to be a strong, confident woman and I think this shoot portrays this.

Well, you also look hot. When do you feel your sexiest?
I’ve probably said this before but nothing beats wearing matching underwear! Also, a productive day, good training session, shower and no make-up is when I feel myself.

What’s your best asset?
This is such an awkward question because I don’t really know what to say. Physically, maybe my eyes? They say two percent of the world population have green eyes so I think that’s pretty cool. My energy is a great asset, too.

What have you been up to since you last graced our pages in March 2016?
The last year was a crazy one for me, but overall 2016 was a great year! I competed in the Miss Tropic Beauty competition in Las Vegas, which features 100 girls from around the world, and I placed second! I was also extremely lucky to go to South Korea with MAXIM for the Asia Model Awards and won MAXIM World Rising Star & Australian Model Star award. Not everything was modelling though – I have also done a lot of travelling and holidaying, met a lot of amazing people and I am super excited for my next big adventure — I’m going to the USA, Europe and Bali, in a month’s time, on a one-way ticket!

For those who might not know much about Casey Boonstra, how would you best describe yourself?
I’m pretty grounded and down to earth. I’m spontaneous, full of energy, playful and open minded. I’m a pretty positive person and always look for the best in everyone and everything no matter what the circumstances.

Describe a typical day for you.
Every day is different for me. When I’m not shooting or working, I’m going on mini adventures – like chasing waterfalls around Sydney and making the most of the Aussie summer. I love keeping fit and healthy and always work hard to use my time productively.

What are you most passionate about?
Over the years my passions and goals have definitely changed but at the moment I am all about living life to its fullest – sounds corny, I know, but I don’t want to look back and feel like I’ve missed out on anything.Anything I set my mind to I give 110 percent but right now I’m passionate about travelling, meeting people, experiencing other cultures and getting the most of everything life has to offer.

What can you beat anyone at?
This might be a big call, but I’m pretty good at beer pong.
You won the MAXIM Australian Swimwear Model of the Year in 2015. What advice do you have for the contestants taking part in this competition in May?
Don’t compare yourself to any of the other girls – just be the best version of you. Enjoy the whole experience as it’s such a fun week and you’ll meet so many amazing girls, contacts and photographers. So, just relax and take it all in. Be confident in your skin and get onstage and own it! Good luck to all the ladies this year.

You’re currently single. What does a man have to do to win you over?
Just be himself. I’m attracted to a man with a fun personality, nice smile, spontaneous, genuine, can have great conversations and if he can cook a great homemade meal I’m sold!

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