Tahir Bilgic

How do you want to go?
Kicking and screaming. I think going live to air would be a ratings winner and something people would not forget. There would be questions thrown up. Was it real? Is it staged? Other than that, I’d love to do a killer set onstage and then go. People would say, “Man, Tahir killed and then died!”

Do you have any deathbed confessions?
Tell them the four-digit code to the safe containing all the cash is 4, 9… and then that’s it. Some maths genius will work out the rest.

What’s your last meal?
A hot curry, topped with baked beans and chilli on top.

Got any last words?
“Pull my finger!”

Do yo think you are going to Heaven or Hell?
It is not good to speculate. Most people know if they have a clean heart and conscience.

Fair enough. What do you say to God or The Devil when you get to Heaven or Hell?
Hey, are there any comedy clubs in here?

What’s the greatest Tahir skit or joke that never saw the light of day?
Oh there’s so much I still need to get out there. My head never stops with crazy ideas for jokes, sketches and videos. I love the whole creative process and I’m always looking at different ways I can entertain an audience and give them a unique interactive experience. So, don’t be a tight-arse and come to one of my shows! ■

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