Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon

Hey, Megan and Tiffany, congrats on your MAXIM cover. How do you feel?
Megan: Pretty damn proud!
Tiffany: So excited! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be on the cover of a magazine and to get to do it with the most important person to me. I just feel so blessed right now.

Tell us about the photo shoot.
Megan: We wanted to go for a look that really represented our characters and lifestyle — organic, beachy and a bit sexy. We flew from Perth to Sydney on zero sleep, after a pretty hectic weekend, and the MAXIM crew did such an amazing job turning two zombies into this. We really can’t thank you guys enough!
Tiffany: Yeah, the shoot was so much fun! We shot in Cronulla [in Sydney’s south], with amazing photographer Wayne Daniels, and the idea was also to show how much fun Megan and I have together — I think we accomplished that!

What do you love most about this photo shoot?
Megan: I just love the feel of the whole shoot – it’s great that we are really in our element and surrounded by nature.
Tiffany: What I love most is that I actually got to do this with Megan. She just lights up in front of a camera and helped ease my nerves. It felt very natural to be doing these pictures with her.

Are there any funny behind-the-scenes stories you can share about the day?
Tiffany: Towards the end of the shoot we were half naked in the water when these three teenage boys needed to pass. So, we stopped shooting to let them walk through – it’s a day I’m sure they will not forget anytime soon!

What goes through your mind while posing for a shoot like this?
Tiffany: All those years of practicing sexy looks in the mirror have finally paid off! I just tried to not over think things and enjoy the experience.
Megan: I have to admit, it was pretty easy to get lost in the moment with Tiffany… lots of dirty jokes I’m afraid!

Well, you both look gorgeous. When do you feel sexy?
Tiffany: Thank you! I feel the most sexy after a really solid workout. I love that feeling of being all hot and sweaty and knowing I have accomplished something entirely for myself.
Megan: I feel sexiest with a glass of red, my overalls on and music playing while I paint a portrait or landscape.

What is your best asset?
Tiffany: I love my bum – it’s a nice plump shape and I work hard to maintain it. I also love my adventurous personality — I’m willing to try anything at least once!
Megan: I get told my boobs are my best physical asset, but my ability to be objective is kind of a superpower.

When you’re not posing for MAXIM what do you do?
Megan: At the moment, on weekdays, I work for a not-for-profit organisation and I’ve also been doing my Master’s degree on-and-off. Weekends I’m usually in the water – I scuba dive and freedive – seeing a band, cooking up some freshly caught seafood, camping, hanging out with Tiff and friends. I also skate, read, work, paint… I will basically try anything even if I’m bad at it.
Tiffany: Megan would say I am constantly on holiday but this past year has been pretty relaxing for me. Besides some odd jobs here and there, I am constantly planning for the next adventure – I have a suitcase in my room that is always packed and ready to go.

If Trump can be US President, perhaps the fictional David Brent could be British Prime Minister?
Well, nothing’s out of the question now. Think of 10 years ago if someone said, “You know that bloke who does The Apprentice and marries people? You know that bloke with the hair who’s on that game show? Yeah, he’s going to be President of the United States one day.” So yeah, David Brent could be the Prime Minister.

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