Fiona Falkiner


Congrats on your MAXIM cover, Fiona. Do you feel good?
Thanks! I’m feeling amazing. I never imagined I would ever do anything like this, but I’m feeling really proud and excited to be the first curvy/plus-size woman to feature on a MAXIM cover. Being my first men’s mag shoot, I was pretty excited, and a little nervous, but the team were incredible and made me feel really comfortable.

Did you do any special preparation in the lead up to the shoot?
I did a few extra training sessions per week and also attempted to not drink alcohol for six weeks prior to the shoot. Let’s just say this was a little bit of a fail, but at least I tried!

Are you happy with the results?
I love the shots! The person I am now is happy, healthy and strong and I think this comes through in these photos. I believe it does not matter what size you are and that sexy is a state of mind — I was feeling pretty sexy at this shoot.

And rightly so — you are SEXY and you look extremely fit, too.
Thanks. I feel sexy all the time, be it on a night out with the girls, on a date or even at the gym. I normally train five times a week — I bounce around with the sort of training I do, but at the moment I do a group session of high-intensity training and a few weight sessions per week. I go a little crazy if I don’t train — it is a release for me now.

Tell us more about your life so far.
I’m just a girl from country Victoria and 10 years ago I was a contestant on the very first series of The Biggest Loser (TBL) where I finished fourth. After the show I worked in PR and TV Production then studied make-up and started modelling. For the last five years I’ve been modelling full-time in Australia and living in London and New York, but last April I moved home to host TBL Families and now I am based in Sydney. I have a few jobs, like being a make-up artist, and still travel overseas regularly for modelling work.

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