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Arj Barker

G’day, Arj. What can we expect from your latest tour?
It’s pure stand-up on this tour. In my last four or five tours I’ve always had a slight musical element, like a song or two, sprinkled in there, but this year I’m back to basics. Joke after joke. And then more joke. Just myself and the microphone… and maybe a glass of water. Not sure what you call that in Australia but back home we refer to this as ‘keeping it real’.

What’s the story behind the title Get In My Head?
Originally it was going to be called Gettin’ My Head but then it would require an MA15 rating. Essentially, I want the audience to experience how it feels to look at the world through my eyes. But in order for them to do that, first they must…

What’s the shittiest word in the English language?
The word that drives me crazy lately is ‘beheaded’. Not because it means something quite unpleasant, I just think it’s wrong. Think about it! In every other instance, using the prefix ‘be’ seems to add something, not take away. For instance, ‘belittled’ or ‘bejeweled’ or ‘bemoaned’. Should we not change ‘beheaded’ to ‘unheaded’ or even ‘deheaded’? Surely it’s the floor which is beheaded after someone is unheaded? Even if they fix the word though, it’s still super uncool to do that to someone.

What’s the craziest night you’ve ever had on tour?
Hard to say but only recently, I woke up completely naked, but for my socks, standing in the hallway of my hotel. I was locked out of my room with no idea how I got there. My guess is that I mistook the hotel room door for the toilet door. It was embarrassing to wait for security to come up and let me into my own room. Luckily, I figured out what was going on before I took a crap out there.

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