First Date – What NOT to Do, Guys!

Mastery of dating and ladies on the first date can be tricky and may need some practice. Men tend to either come on too strong or not assertive enough. The basic rules of a first date are not written in stone, but there are a couple of guidelines you should at least adhere to during your first encounter with a lady. The first half hour can set the tone for the rest of the date, so you need play it cool and pay attention.

DON’T Talk About Your Ex on the First Date

During a first date, you are trying to get to know that person better and the first date is essentially an introductory period to see if you may have an interest or a sexual chemistry with one another. The last thing a girl wants hear is how you and your ex-girlfriend got along or a dissertation on a previous relationship. If she asks, respond with a short, sweet and to the point explanation and introduce a new topic of conversation.

DON’T Come on Too Strong on the First Date

Being polite and gentlemanly goes along way and there is nothing wrong with pulling the chair out for your date or opening a car door. It’s the little things that women appreciate the most. Being assertive is great, but coming on to strong can be a real turn off to women as well. Inappropriate sexual remarks should be avoided at all costs, as well as demeaning jokes or commentary. Since this is your first date, it’s best not to get to touchy feely and invade your date’s personal space.

It’s a little bit like premature ejaculation and performance issues. If you come on to quickly in the first few minutes, you could possibly blow your chance for a second date and a good first impression.

DON’T Bring a Wing Man Along on the First Date

You’ve probably been down that road before where you feel you need to bring a friend along on your date for support, but the truth is you’ll most likely have a more successful date by leaving your wing man at home. It’s a lot easier to get your date talking if you’re alone with her. Another thing to consider is your dates focus. You don’t want her chatting up your good looking friend while you’re sitting there trying to intervene in order to get to know her. Your wingman could just become another obstacle on the road to scoring with a lady.

DON’T Act Like You’re Into Yourself on the First Date (or Ever!)

During your date, avoid talking about yourself to much. You don’t want to come off as a person who is narcissistic, shallow or self-centered. You want to sell yourself in a way that says “Take me off the market because I’m worth it” and not reciting a chronological list of your boring accomplishments across the table.

Prior to your date, think about three or four thought out questions that could do a good job in filling in any awkward voids during the date where the conversation may have stalled. Listening to your date and asking thoughtful questions will get you closer to launching a good rapport or future relationship with someone.

DON’T Use Your Cell Phone or Constantly Text on the First Date

We all know there are times when you need your cell phone when you are out, just try not to exclusively access it during your date. If you have your nose in your phone the whole time or are texting during the date, you might appear as if you are bored or disinterested. Plus, it’s just common courtesy to show the person you are out with your attention when they are speaking.

By Tiera Buckley Viamed Australia

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