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Amber Diamond

The Huntington Beach Honey Bun from Orange County bares all.

Tell us a bit about your shoot – where, when, the idea behind it, etc…
This shoot was both exotic and erotic on many levels. First off, working with props are something I am accustomed to, however, working with a live Clydesdale was new and somewhat empowering. I loved holding on the reins and being in control of that gentle beast. Secondly, my production team pre-scouted some semi private/public locations for our beach segment of the shoot. It was midday and hard to get a completely private beach in OC so a lucky few were jaw dropped as I went through my set.

Are there any other funny anecdotes you can share?
The shoot was super steamy and I knew all eyes were on me, but you should always keep your eyes on the water! Or at least have a look out so you don’t get mesmerized and lose focus. My entire production team had to pick up and jump out of the waves with almost no time left as we were struggling to not get swept away in the tide. A few times we took on some water and my photographer really risked it all for these shots.

Have you ever been to New Zealand?
Not yet, unfortunately. I’d love to visit Auckland, Fiordland National Park, Bay of Islands and Queenstown. Your country has so much beauty to offer.

When do you feel sexy and why?
I feel sexy all the time. That’s the thing… you can be wearing a t-shirt and panties and be the most beautiful woman just waking up out of bed.

What is your best asset?
My best physical asset is my abs, because I laugh so much! Second is my long legs that hold up this peach booty.

Give us a little more background about yourself and your life story so far.
They call me the Huntington Beach Honey Bun and I am the most sought out Orange County model today. I’m a local and bring my international spotlight home with me every time. I love my city, and am proud of how it raised me.

What would people be most surprised to know about you?
I know it looks like it, but it’s not always yachts and champagne. I’m a super outdoors girl. You can spot me in the line-up on a good swell or out on the ocean fishing on a charter boat.

How would you describe yourself in five words?
Sexy, spontaneous, fun, adventurous and passionate.

How long have you been modelling and what would do if you weren’t modelling?
I’ve been modelling since I was a child, but it wasn’t until my 20s that I started modelling internationally. In addition to modelling, my experience includes film production and runway production.

What have you learned about men over the years?
Men are animals just like anything else. They need a good meal, a female to lay with, and they’ll be good.

What’s one thing men should always know about women?
Same, all we need is food, a good slap on the booty, and to be made to feel sexy by you.

What do you look for in a man?
Adventurous, strong, assured.

Describe your ideal date.
Somewhere near the ocean with oysters, champagne and a star-lit sky.

What can we get you at the bar?
Tito’s Martini, shaken extra hard.

Got a hangover cure?
A good woman is rich with home-remedies for a simple hangover A dive in the ocean. Salt water cures everything.

What’s your best hidden talent?
Picking up on the unspoken. Kids, animals, people… I always instinctively just know.

Do you have any phobias?
Not being great.

Who is your girl crush and why?
Gwen Stefani. She is a local OC girl and her style is unwavering. I love that Hollywood didn’t have any negative effects on her or her career. I like to think I developed the same way.

What’s the freakiest/weirdest thing someone has sent you via social media?
Listen, there are some different people in this world…

What is your motto in life?
People say the cup is half full, I say the cup has unlimited refills.

What’s next for you? Any exciting projects on the horizon you can share with us?
Special projects, yes! I’d love to reveal what I’m working on, but my hands are tied. I can’t give out any confidential information before publication releases.

Finally, where would you like to be in five years?
Modelling, continuing to see myself on the cover of publications, treating each day as sacred, loving life and loving myself… on the beach.


FULL NAME: Amber Diamond
HOMETOWN: Huntington Beach, CA
STAR SIGN: Capricorn
INSTAGRAM: diamond.fur
FACEBOOK: Amber Diamond

Photographed by Ryan Dwyer
Production by: @mainstreetproductions

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