Aviannah Élise

This month we get more acquainted and intimate with this American cover girl and social media sensation…

THE BEST THING ABOUT MY MAXIM FEATURE SHOOT IS… the confidence it has given me. It is truly an amazing experience to become a MAXIM model and as many models like myself think, this is a dream come true.

WHEN I’M NOT POSING FOR MAXIM, I’M… on the beach somewhere, working on my tan, at the gym, taking my dogs to the park or playing football. I’m trying to take on as many photo shoots as I can to always be producing new images and concepts. In the fall of 2020, I will be releasing my very first calendar!

MY BRIEF LIFE STORY SO FAR IS… I grew up in San Diego, California and then moved all over the U.S. trying to find my forever home. I started modelling at 17, as a foot and hand model, and my passion for being in front of the camera grew more and more. Posing for international magazines has been a major highlight of my life.

MY BEST ASSET IS… my eyes. I feel like eyes are key to true intimacy – you can feel so connected to someone.

I FEEL SEXY WHEN… I have a new dress and heels on. It’s all snug and tight and catches everyone’s eyes when I walk into the room.

I CAN BEAT ANYONE AT… naps. I’m definitely a “napper” since I’m always up at weird hours with international business. I’ve learnt the power of a well-placed nap.

THE LAST THING THAT MADE ME LOL WAS… if I’m being truthful, I’d have to say some of these questions! Before this, I was watching cat videos on Instagram – they had me laughing my butt off.

A GUY COULD WIN HIS WAY TO MY HEART BY… buying me Fuzzy Tacos. I’m a complete sucker for their chicken soft tacos. The garlic sauce – all of it! Oh, and by opening doors for me – car door, front door, any door – I just absolutely love it!

WHAT I FIND SEXY ABOUT MEN IS… confidence. Someone who isn’t afraid to say exactly what he wants and goes after all of his goals. Being strong and stable also isn’t too much to ask for.

MY PERFECT DATE WOULD INVOLVE… just an every day trip to the beach, play some football, lay out in the sun, dip into the water and enjoy the quality time together.

ONE THING A GUY SHOULD ALWAYS KNOW ABOUT WOMEN IS… it’s not appropriate to talk to most of us while we are at the gym. Unless you are given clear signals, it is a “no”.

THE WORST PICK-UP LINE I’VE EVER HEARD IS… “If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.” It made for a great laugh, though. I almost went on a second date with him.

MY GO-TO DRINK IS… Southern Comfort, chilled, with roses and lime Juice – always after making sure I can drink responsibly.

MY HANGOVER CURE IS… Mimosas with peach in them – sometimes even if I’m not hungover. It just has a taste that always leaves me satisfied.

THE BEST JUNK FOOD IS… macaroni and cheese. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s the truth.

PUBLIC NUDITY IS… not for me. I enjoy leaving mystery in the photos. Let your mind wonder about what is under the garments.

AT BEDTIME I WEAR… a sports bra and panties. Always. I have to keep everything nice and perky.

ONE THING I’D CHANGE ABOUT THE WORLD IS… everyone’s outlook and make it only positive. No matter what it is
– everyone has to find something positive within it. Sometimes we are consumed with negativity.

THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE ANYONE HAS EVER GIVEN ME IS… “Always be true to yourself.” It has kept me humble and down to earth and I think about it daily.

IN FIVE YEARS, I’D LIKE TO BE… an expert world traveller – I’m hoping to visit every country I can within five years. I want to see everything I can before settling down with my prince charming. ■

Status Update

FULL NAME: Aviannah Élise
BORN: May 12
HOMETOWN: La Jolla, California U.S.A.
LIVES: Miami Beach, Florida U.S.A.
FIVE WORD SELF-DESCRIPTION: “Trustful, loyal, bubbly, never-ending and tasteful.”
HOBBIES: “Fitness, playing football, walking my dogs, travelling, photography, baking sweets, biking along the beach, hiking, volunteering on holidays.”
HIDDEN TALENT: “I’m actually a pretty damn good DJ. It’s my favourite productive past time.”
PHOBIAS: “Giant spiders with babies on their back!”
LIFE MOTTO: “Take the risk or lose the chance.” It’s always an inspiring quote to go by!
AGENCY: LSA MODELS – @lsamodels @leo.alderman


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