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Having no luck on dating apps? It might be because your profile and bio isn’t “swipe worthy”. MAXIM’s resident wellness expert, lifestyle coach and bestselling author ANDI LEW gives us her top five best ideas for first-daters online…

When it comes to dating apps, how you present is what you attract. It’s going to sound crazy, but you’re putting yourself on a market and you’re selling your best self on the “singles shelf”. There’s nothing wrong with being on the singles shelf when everyone’s joining you and there’s no expiry date, but you only get one chance.

I’m all about getting to know someone before you judge them. “So you’re hot, what else ya got?” is one of my mantras, but how will we even give you a chance if all you show us is a not so great profile? You’ll be thrown into the mix of the myriad of others who are investing in showing their best self and that match that could be yours has now chosen someone else to banter with and potentially date. So, here’s my suggestions for a bio on a dating app that will give you your best chance of matching with a potential date”


    Your lighting is everything. If you choose a photo that gives you shadows that change the look of who you are, or we can’t quite see you, you come across less mysterious and more like someone who can’t be arsed or has something to hide. Choose photos that are bright and well lit. You don’t need to go to a photography studio – mobile phones these days have amazing capabilities, but do choose a clear picture that gives them an honest and crisp picture of you.
    Be careful not to upload too many photos that are not very recent. I once dated a guy I matched with on Hinge and he arrived with a bald head. Lucky for me, I found it really attractive, but all his photos had either old and dated pics of him with a full head of hair, caps or beanies. Be honest and vulnerable to a point.
    Unfortunately, too many selfies in a bio on a dating app will make you look either selfish or lonely. Many men don’t really take photos of themselves unless they’re out drinking with mates, so I do acknowledge it may be hard to get a photo of yourself that’s been taken by someone else, but the investment may pay off. As a rule, one selfie is OK, but the rest need to be of you on a holiday or doing something you love. Everyone takes pics on holidays, right?
    Women really love men who are confident and funny. Be both. How you think is going to show a lot about your personality and will be more telling than your photos. Women like to read – and they will read your comments. Some dating apps allow you to write a little about yourself. Some “dates” have written things like how much they love to assemble IKEA furniture, for example. Some of us really can’t stand putting those things together so this is a really fun and flirtatious example of how conversation can start.
  5. BE READY 
    If you’re on a dating app it’s because you’re ready to date. Be fun, kind and respectful. Your bio should reflect all these things. Before you upload, ask yourself if you would date you? For dating profile set up and bio ghost writing help allow me to coach or write for you. Just email me at and mention this article for $20 off your first hour with Cupid here!


As a certified wellness and dating expert, lifestyle coach and bestselling author, Andi Lew appears on several TV shows, both in Australia and in the United States of America, helping one and all with her handy relationship and professional advice. Stay connected with Andi via her Instagram @andi.lew

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