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2019 Can-Am Ryker

The machine: the all-new 2019 Can-Am Ryker. The setting: the coastal hills and highways of Malibu and Santa Monica, California. MAXIM travels to this grand locale to test ride this unique beast at the exclusive international pre-production launch…

Engine: Rotax liquid-cooled in-line 2 cylinder (600); 3 cylinder (900)
Transmission: CVT (automatic) with reverse
Power: 35kW (600); 57.5kW (900)
Torque: 35 ft-lb @ 6200 rpm (600); 56 ft-lb @ 6300 rpm (900)
Dry Weight: 270 kg (600); 280 kg (900)
Wheelbase: 1709 mm
Seat Height: 599 mm (600); 597 mm (900)
Fuel Capacity: 20 litres
Storage Capacity: 7 litres
Price: $14,899 (600); $17299 (900); $18999 (rally)


Taking cues, yet departing from their popular Spyder model, the Ryker has its sights on the youth market; sure to create mass appeal with its accessible price tag and fun unintimidating three wheel experience. First appearances are impressive, with that single-side swing arm giving off a sleek sporty look. The 4.5 inch digital display gives you all the info you need: speed, rpm, trip functions, fuel level, etc. Other noticeables include front fenders with integrated LEDs, front-mounted storage box and dual USB ports. 

There are three versions of the Ryker: the normal and standard editions, available in choices of Rotax 600cc or 900cc engines, and the Rally edition which boasts a 900cc Rotax triple. For the Cali cruise our weapon in the waiting was the 900cc standard. We couldn’t wait to saddle up, and this was made easy thanks to Can-Am’s Ufit system which allows you to adjust the foot pegs and handlebars to your body size and ride style; no tools needed. Reverse is just an easy a task, simply slide the lever (located on left of engine) with your hand or foot.

Once we were one with the machine, getting started was a matter of twisting the throttle, pushing a few buttons, and going. On the menu are three riding modes: Eco, Standard and Sport. We started along the Pacific Coast Highway in Standard mode, and the ride felt as calming as the waves nearby as we maintained optimal rpm range. Even as we tackled the twisty corners of the Malibu canyons, the bike didn’t lose hustle. The CVT always felt like at the appropriate ratio for our speeds, and the low centre of gravity delivered precision cornering. Braking was always solid, with the foot pedal brake commanding the twin 270 mm front discs and single 220 mm rear to stop at any point. You’ll never land dirt-side up, as the Stability Control System monitors vehicle attitude and adjusts yours. Selecting Sport Mode does raise the bar however; and here the Ryker is capable of performing go-kart manoeuvres and the smokiest of burnouts.

If you ever need company, a clip-on seat is available as well as other accessories including panels, graphics, and wheel finishes – up to 75,000 possible combos. An app called Can-Am Ryker Ride Builder helps you preview your add-ons. BRP Can-Am On-Road PR Brian Manning says the Ryker models will arrive in Australia by February 2019. “The 600 model will be available as LAMS approved since it both meets engine size and power to weight requirements,” he confirms. “The 900 and the 900 Rally editions will be also LAMS approved in the capital territory where there is an engine cc exception and the design is meeting the power-to-weight ratio”.  

What’s more, they are also working on getting the ‘engine cc’ exception to other states. With the open-air feel of a motorcycle with the stability of a sports car, this ain’t no old-man-trike, but rather a thrilling, futuristic looking, head turner – a game changer that bridges the gap between motorcycles and next gen riders.



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