In the early days of social media, staying in touch with the artists you loved was a simple task. The music industry were early adopters on platforms like Facebook, and as a result we saw more artist updates as competition for our newsfeeds wasn’t quite so intense. Fast forward to today, and you’d be lucky to see a music update a week on social media. The newsfeed is highly sought after for all brands and bands, and music has found itself in competition with selfies, cat videos, and memes.

And then along came Sydney based startu-p MuzeRoom. The idea is relatively simple – MuzeRoom gathers music news, new releases, and music videos – but only for the artists you like and listen to. To understand your musical tastes the site will import the artists you have ‘liked’ on Facebook, scrobbled on, or listened to on Spotify. This enables you to get up and running within a few seconds, and you can tweak and add or remove more artists as you use the site.

MuzeRoom then aggregates content from around the web into three separate feeds:

1. News – includes content from over 45 publications and blogs including the NME, Rolling Stone, and Pitchfork.
2. New releases – pulled from Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon
3. Music videos – curated from YouTube and Vevo.

So like Flipboard, MuzeRoom is your own personalised magazine – but for the artists you like and listen to.

The magic is in the personalisation. Fans want news and regular updates about the artists they truly care about, and MuzeRoom delivers on that front. So rather than sifting through a bunch of blogs and magazines to find news about the artists you are genuinely interested in, MuzeRoom does the hard work for you. As a nice addition, you can also control which news sources appear in your feed, so if you don’t fancy hipster Pitchfork reviews, then you can simply unfollow them.

As co-founder Ronan Mason points out “With competition for your attention on Facebook at an all-time high, it’s easy to miss out on a lot of music news. With MuzeRoom, we wanted to create a place for music fans to deep dive into music and the artists they love. Our goal as a company is to ensure that music fans never miss out on news for any of the artists they love ever again.”

Having only recently launched in August, it’s still early days for the start-up. But MuzeRoom has big plans to launch a host of new features, and whilst they are keeping those close to their chest, we did learn that it will introduce a sense of community and discussion which is so pivotal for music fans.

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Natalie Roser

Franki Russell