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Danny McBride – Kenny Powers

Where does your hair end and Kenny Powers’ begin?
The top is mine, but the mullet is not. The mullet is an extension.

That’s all our dreams shattered right there.
It was honestly my wife. She just would not let me walk around with that haircut outside the set!

What’s the strangest thing a fan has ever sent you?
I always get forwarded these weird pictures of people getting Kenny Powers tattoos. That’s probably the craziest thing I’ve ever seen: Somebody will ink my face on their body for eternity. I love it – I think it’s pretty nice.

Did you actually film the second season of Eastbound & Down in Mexico?
We wanted to. Honestly, that was the reason we chose Mexico. We were like, “It’d be the shit to move down to Cabo and shoot the show!” But I guess with some of the cartel violence, HBO’s safety-insurance people weren’t down for us going there, so we shot in Puerto Rico instead.

What can you tell us about Season Three?
This season basically picks up where the last one left off – with a possible comeback and Kenny’s responsibility as a new father, dealing with those things in true Kenny Powers fashion. He’s definitely not cut out to be a dad!

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