Water Powered Weapon

The Ferox Azaris Concept

“There’s nothing else like Azaris in the world,” proclaim the folks at Ferox.  Since their machine looks like a NASA buggy, has six wheels, is powered by water, and was designed and built in Australia – they’re not bloody wrong.  

Coming from little known Aussie company Ferox Advanced Vehicles, this monster from the year 3000 promises to ‘liberate the wheel’. The Azaris isn’t a production vehicle as such, rather a vision of a blissful future before all vehicles are automated.

The power behind the Azaris comes from four fluid motors. Unlike standard electric motors or internal-combustion engines – the motors here are driven by a liquid that’s 95% water. That fluid gets pumped into ports inside the wheel hub, which pushes onto a series of ‘gates’ that rotate the outer housing of the motor – simple.

Each motor is like a self-contained steamer wheel, pretty much. Weighing at just 11 kg each, they could produce up to 500 foot-pounds of torque each! For those taking notes, that’s up to 2,000 total torque – almost on par with a Porsche 911 Turbo.

Keeping all six wheels on the ground is the responsibility of a clever rocker suspension system. There are two ‘DNA arms’ sticking out from the canopy, each holding two wheels on their own rocker arms. You won’t find any hoses or connectors working with the fluid motor system here – just a seriously unique coaxial piping system your local plumber would envy.

Want one? The company has built a fully functional prototype with the intention of putting it into a limited-run production – although the Mars Rover would be easier to get your hands on.

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