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Natalia Vélez

Natalia Vélez

From the pages of MAXIM Mexico, it’s Natalia Vélez… Aye carumba! Colombian model – and by “model” we mean, “God, how is it even possible to have a body like that? Are you sure she’s not a cyborg?” – Natalia Vélez has only been alive since 1985, but she’s already done more good for international relations than ...

The smuggler’s world guide


Matt Potter has been around the world with smugglers. He chose to fly with Air We Don’t Give A Crap in an Il-76 – a gargantuan Soviet-era plane that attracted its fair share of gunfire.


The Good Sex Diet

Good Sex Diet

Plate your way to pleasure with Melinda Shaddock’s food tips for your sexual vitality. Gobble then get busy!


Sex With A Bridesmaid

Sex With A Bridesmaid

Spring is the season for weddings. And weddings are a great place to score. Gentlemen, it’s time to suit up and crash the bridal party!

Dan Carter

Rugby Union, New Zealand V Fiji test match, Carisbrook, Dunedin, New Zealand

After tasting two World Cup defeats, All Blacks superstar Dan Carter is ready to hoist the Webb Ellis Cup

Vin Diesel


Fast & Furious 5 star Vin Diesel is smoother than The Rock and more popular than Barack Obama

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