Dirty Secrets Behind Dirty MoviesAlmost everything about "Casting Couch" porn is bogus, but those innocent coeds who think they're in on the joke have no idea what's really coming.Features
Dakar RallyThe Dakar Rally was held for the 35th time this year.Features
Guns and GloryInside the crazy world of the biggest, freakiest, most muscle-bound athletes as they compete for the title of strongest man in AmericaFeatures
Some Like It HotWe sent our man inside the superheated battle for the chillihead crown.Features | Lifestyle


maxim awards

2012 MAXIM Awards

Celebrating a year of excellence across the fields of sexiness, douchebaggery, athletic talent, korean-ness, epic fails and more... Read More »

Snowing In Bali

Snowing in Bali

In her new book, Kathryn Bonella gives a vivid inside account of the Bali drug world. She spoke to us about hanging out with the players Read More »


Adventures of a Stunt Woman

Inge Sildnik is an Australian-Estonian stunt actress who has worked on The Great Gastby, Superman Returns, and is currently getting her daredevil on in Namibia for Mad Max: Fury Road. Read More »

aussies antarcticai

Aussies in Antarctica

LAST January, Aussie adventurers Justin “Jonesy” Jones and James “Cas” Castrission became the first and youngest pair to travel the 2,270km journey from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back, totally unsupported. This is their chilly, captivating tale, as told by Cas Read More »