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Moto Guzzi


Even legends need reboots. After clocking up 95 years in the biz, the Italians behind that soaring eagle logo - Moto Guzzi - are looking to capitalize on the current trend of retro-styled machines with their new V9 models, the Roamer and the Bobber. Aimed at a new generation of hipsters and youngsters, these two share ...

Yovanna Ventura


Tell us a bit about yourself, Yovanna. Sure. I was born in Miami but moved to Spain with my mother, she is Dominican, for five years when I was seven, then we came back to Miami and that’s when she got me into modelling. If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing? I’d probably be studying psychology right ...

Laura Lydall


She’s the star of the controversial ultra tune TV ads but she has her sights set on a MUCH bigger prize

Tegan Martin


If you think gorgeous model, former Miss Universe Australia and reality TV star TEGAN MARTIN is a “high-maintenance Barbie” — think again.

Never Forget Benghazi


They survived Benghazi only to become unwitting players in a never-ending scandal. If they have to fight, they’ll fight. But this time it’s to protect their own

Gina Liano


Barrister, author, actress, reality tv star, mogul — we get intimate with the leading lady of The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Jon Favreau


We caught up with the actor/director/comedian during his recent visit to Australia to promote his latest awesome adventure flick The Jungle Book, to talk cool CGI animals, Scarlett Johansson, tracking down Bill Murray and the chances of a Swingers sequel

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