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The Last Patrol


Jim Capers fought in some of the most savage battles in Vietnam. Many believe he’s the ultimate Marine. But does he deserve the nation’s highest award for valour?

Lost and Found


Randall Wulff, a.k.a. Lewis, made a fortune on Wall Street, partied with models and musicians, and recorded one of the most beguiling albums of the 1980s. Then he vanished



It’s messy, it’s dangerous, and it’s the fastest-growing sport on two wheels. Can you survive cyclocross?

Blood Sport


Once a year, the men of Florence, Italy, engage in one of the most violent athletic contests ever devised

Olivia Kenny


Brace yourself for Australian model and MAXIM jumpsuit girl Olivia Kenny

Spice & Fire

Heat up your cocktails with a Jack Daniel’s old no.7 Spiced mule or fire it up with the new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

Quentin Tarantino


The illustrious writer, director, producer, and sometimes alright actor, talks about his film The Hateful Eight, his ‘Tarantino Superstars’, Australian folk songs, and what he’s learnt about love



I’m perched on the edge of a simple thatched-roof shelter on the remote Indonesian island of Siroktabe, staring down an immaculate white beach as the sun dips westward into the Indian Ocean, shocking the sky a glorious orange-pink. I feel good. Great, in fact. I am the only human being for miles. I am supposedly here ...

OK Cupid


Once the most hated man on the Internet, former “dick lit” douche lord Tucker Max has rebranded himself as a self-help guru teaching men how to fall in love and be happy. Are we ready to take him seriously?

Casey Boonstra


Hey Casey, congrats on your second MAXIM cover. How do you feel? Hey, it feels great to be back! Thank you for having me again. It was such a fun shoot and I worked with an amazing team, I’m a very lucky girl. What did you love most about this amazing shoot? The location was incredible, it was such a beautiful ...

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